unit 208 health and social care

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Unit 208
Outcome 1
1.1 list legislation relating to general health and safety in a social care setting. Manual handling operations regulations 1992 (as amended in 2002); Control of substances hazardous to health regulations 2002 (COSHH) Reporting injuries, Diseases and dangerous occurrences regulations 1995 (RIDDOR) Health and safety first aid regulations 1981

Management of health and safety at work regulations 1999
1.2 describe the main points of health and safety policies and procedures Risk assessment- An assessment of any risks to the worker's health and safety is undertaken by a trained risk assessor. This allows for the risks to be removes, reduced or avoided, and for preventive and protective measures to be identifies and put in place. The legislation acknowledges that it would be impossible for an employer to totally safeguard its employees in all work or related situations. Safe equipment and working practices - equipment and working methods are assessed to ensure they are safe for the employee to work with. Safe arrangements - for using, handling, storing and transporting articles and substances. Information, instructions, training and supervisions - to protect your own health and safety at work. Work areas are also assessed especially when working on own or late at night. A safe working environment - without risks to health or harm. A written health and safety policy - this includes how procedures will be carried out, give notice of any revisions and procedures for any risks that are identified. Personal protective equipment - provided when required.

1.3 Outline the main health and safety responsibilities of:
a) service users must follow the settings policies and procedures and must not put themselves or others in danger or at risk. i.e. your colleagues or the people you look after. b) my employers/manager has a responsibilities to see that your working environment is safe and to give me training to make sure I do my work in a safe way. c)...
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