Questions 641 Answers

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Questions 641 Answers
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Question number. Guidance
Unit 641
State why and when health and safety control equipment, identified by the principles of protection, should be used relating to types, purpose and limitations of each type, the work situation, occupational use and the general work environment, in relation to:
– collective protective measures
– personal protective equipment (PPE)
– respiratory protective equipment (RPE)
– Local exhaust ventilation (LEV).
See Training Hand-out section 1, pages 1, 2 & 3
Why do we need PPE and safety equipment?

The purpose of PPE is to reduce employee exposure to hazards when engineering and administrative controls are not feasible or effective to reduce these risks to acceptable levels. PPE is needed when there are hazards present.

For the five examples given, explain what each one protects in the first column and what it Doesn’t protect in the second column.

Types of PPE used in relation to your job

This protects against??
But will only work if?
See Training Hand-out section 1, pages 2 & 3
Hard Hat
Hi-Vis vest

Impact of falling/flying objects; risk of bumping head

Wet, slipping, cuts, abrasion

Temperature extremes, adverse weather conditions, contaminated dust, etc.

Dust, gas and vapour, metal or chemical splash, radiation

Impact, cuts and punctures, abrasion, skin infections, chemicals, hi/low temperatures
Can easily be knocked off the head

Can be heavy and can cause feet to become sweaty
May not protect against some chemicals. Could restrict movement.

Can become dusty, steam up and are easily scratched

Some materials are easily penetrated by chemicals. Using gloves for a long period of time can make the skin hot and sweaty causing skin problems.

‘Local Exhaust Ventilation is often referred to as dust and/or fume extraction equipment and it can help clean the air, before people breathe in these

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