ct 301 understand health and safety in social care

Topics: Occupational safety and health, Risk, Personal protective equipment Pages: 6 (1716 words) Published: April 17, 2014
CT 301
1.1 List legislation relating to general health and safety in a sociel care setting. Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 (also referred to as HSWA, the HSW Act, the 1974 Act or HASAWA) is the primary piece of legislation covering occupational health and safety in Great Britain. The Health and Safety Executive, with local authorities (and other enforcing authorities) is responsible for enforcing the Act and a number of other Acts and Statutory Instruments relevant to the working environment. The main piece of legislation affecting the management of health and safety in educational establishments across all sectors is the Health and Safety at Work, etc Act 1974 (HSWA). This Act provides a framework for ensuring the health and safety of all employees in any work activity. It also provides for the health and safety of anyone who may be affected by work activities in eg pupils/students and visitors to educational sites, including parents and contractors. In Northern Ireland, similar provisions are made by the Health and Safety at Work (NI) Order 1978. 1.2 Describe the main point of the health and safety polices and procedures agreed with the employer. A health of social care organzations policies and procedures should always incorporate the key point of health and safety law.This means that a care practitioner will be able to put healh and safety law into practice simply by following their employer's polices and procedures.This will include policies on; health and safety, safeguarding, reporting of accidents, waste disposal, fire prevention and evacuation procedures, security, cleaning, food safety, dispensing and storing medicines, lone working. 1.3 Outline the main health and safety responsibilities of; -the social care worker

-the employer or manager
Social care worker: Ensuring own health and safety, adhering to policies and procedures of organisation and legislation, co-operating with colleagues and supervisors,correct use of specialist equipment,abilities and training. Employer/ manager:Informing employees of updates to policies and procedures, workplace risks, best practice and contact details for further information; providing: access to first aid, equipment, training opportunities, supervision etc. Individuals:Complying with policies and procedures, legislation and instructions; taking reasonable steps for ensuring their own and others health and safety; reporting accidents, hazards and dangerous incidents. 1.4 Identify tasks relating to health and safety that should only be carried out with special training Administering medication/ first aid, emergency procedures, food preparation, moving/ position individuals with physical disabilities etc. 1.5 Describe how to access additional support and information relating to health and safety Asking the appointed person/ managers; consulting the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) website, training resources, policies and procedures of organisation etc. 2.1 Define what is meant by “hazard” and “risk”

Hazard-: Potential for harm to occur, risk-The likelihood for harm to occur. 2.2 Describe how to use a health and safety risk assessment. Identifying risks, potential impact, likelihood of occurrence, proposing precautionary measures, reducing risk and costs, complying with legal requirements and policies and procedures of organisation. 2.3 Explain how and when to report potential health and safety risks that have been identified. Continuously checking for risks, reporting to managers etc. as soon as being aware in accordance with reporting procedures/ lines of communiation, alerting anyone who may be in danger, completing records accuratelyand fully. 2.4 Describe how risk assessment can help address dilemmas between an individual’s rights and health and safety concerns. Drawing upon legislation/ policies and procedures to justify precedence of health and safety concerns, demonstrating that rights and health and safety requirements are reconciled,...
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