Health and safety legislations

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Health and Safety At Work Act – 1974 – In this sector this act ensures the safety and welfare of all its employees in any work activity by protecting others against risks to health and also safety of anyone who is affected by work activates e.g. pupils, visitors to educational sites, students and also parents. Although the Act emphasizes the responsibility of the employer on health and safety. Care workers must have awareness and understanding of their health and safety responsibilities in relation to relevant legislation. To provide or avoid the risks that can happen to the employers. Employers must provide a safe workplace so there is no risk that can face them when they are working and they must ensure that there is a safe access to and from the workplace. They must provide adequate and accessible information on health and safety. They must provide necessary health and safety training e.g. manual handling. They must undertake risk assessment for all the hazards.

This law ensures the responsibility of the employers must always be aware of their employees at work, if they do not do this it could result in a criminal prosecution it could also lead to the employer being sued for personal injury. The employer is responsible to take reasonable steps to ensure health and safety to their employees so they are not put to risk by others and also provides safe machinery and safe premises. All staffs should be handed a written code of conduct, talking about the training, supervision, rules and safety procedures and also providing a safe environment for visitors. All work places should control the risk of fire and conduct fire drills as well as the risk assessment in case of any potential fire the employers should provide full training and information to the staffs. Health and social care example: In a nursery the toys, chairs and equipment need to be checked for approval, because children may get severely hurt from sharp edges and broken toys. Food Safety Act – 1990 – The key requirements of this Act are that food must comply with food and safety requirements, must be “of the nature, substance and quality demanded”, and must be correctly described i.e. labelled. This Act involves the altering of food product which provides a framework for the enforcement of testing food product at source, it is an offence to give away any food stuff that has had a substance added to it when it has been prepared, in addition it is an offence to sell advertised food and complying with the requirements of the Act, the act aims to protect the consumers by preventing illnesses from the food or being mislead to the nature of the food they are purchasing and defines “clean and sanitary conditions” and specifies how the outcome should be achieved. Both the Food Act 1984 and the National Food Safety standards require a food business to be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition which includes fixtures, fitting and equipment. Essential steps – The law must put in procedures for effective cleaning and sanitizing when it comes to food equipment. The employer must contribute to the expense of the staff training in food hygiene in any care setting that provides food. The staff must all ensure that the food is prepared well by a qualified chef and shouldn’t be fattening. The staff should have had a food safety management, control system, hazard analysis which makes sure the Food Hygiene and Food Safety Act are met to reduce the risk of food and poisoning also to make sure the kitchen equipment must be colour coded like spatulas, chopping boards. Green – vegetables

Yellow - raw poultry
Red – Raw meat
Blue – sea food
All these food products must be stored in different sections of the freezer. Health and social care examples:
There should be separate chopping boards available for raw and ready to eat foods in the kitchen. Good hygiene should be practiced at all times because raw and uncooked foods can cause food poisoning. Foods are cooked thoroughly...
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