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Outcome 1 Understand own responsibilities, and the responsibilities of others, relating to health and safety


1. Identify legislation relating to health and safety in a health or social care work setting.


There are a number of different legislations to follow relating to health and safety in health or social care setting, such as:


The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

COSHH – The control of substances hazardous to health

RIDDOR – Used to report incidents, accidents and injuries at work


The above legislation is used to form the basis of Look Ahead’s Health and Safety Manual, which can be accessed using the intranet. Within the manual such topics as first aid, fire safety, home working, slips trips and falls, manual handling and PPE and many more are covered in regards to Health and Safety.



This outcome is fully evidenced by an appropriate answer to the question above.


2. Explain the main points of health and safety policies and procedures agreed with the employer.


The main points agreed with the employer are as follows:


-         Working with asbestos materials;

-         avoiding slips and trips;

-         COSHH

-         electrical safety;

-         fire safety;

-         fire safety;

-         food hygiene;

-         home and lone working;

-         health and safety checks;

-         incident and accident reporting;

-         infectious diseases;

-         managing violence;

-         manual handling;

-         smoking;

-         PPE;

-         risk assessment;

-         stress;

-         workstation and DDE.

















This outcome is fully evidenced by an appropriate answer to the question above.


3. Analyse the main health and safety responsibilities of:

a.       self

b.      the employer or manager

c.       others in the work setting

A) My responsibilities are to take all reasonable steps to make myself safe first before anyone else. To protect my own welfare and health and safety at all times.


It is my responsibility to report any incidents or accidents through the appropriate channels by following my organisations policies and procedures. It is also important to report any near misses that could have resulted in an accident or incident and to highlight the potential risk to others.


As a responsible member of staff I should ensure that I attend statutory training in regards to health and safety matters and other training such as lone working, risks assessment and first aid training. It should also be noted that interfering with equipment that I am not trained to handle should be avoided and my duties at work should not exceed what is stated within in my job description.


B) Responsibilities of my employer and or manager are to ensure that up to date risk assessments are in place and that policies and procedures are also in place. The employer should consult all staff on health and safety, provide the necessary training and provide a safe environment of which to work in. The safe working environment can be assesses through conducting regular risk assessments and to ensure they are updated accordingly following any accidents or incidents. To also make the necessary changes of the working environment to ensure the safety of others.


PPE or Personal Protective Equipment must be provided to all staff free of charge and be replaced in faulty or missing. If working in an environment where food is provided then additional measures should be taken. Staff handling food should have the relevant Food Hygiene Certificates. The employer should ensure there are sufficient washing facilities for staff and for clients.


C) Others in the work setting such as clients and or visitors have very similar responsibilities to those mentioned in section (a) of this question. Although the way...
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