Topics: Nutrition, Food, Health Pages: 2 (569 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Jessie Swartz
March 6, 2013
Period 7

Maintaining your weight seems hard, but when you take small steps to get into good eating habits, it really isn’t. Using the seven dietary guidelines can help by not consuming too much of something you shouldn’t. You can eat a variety of foods, like toast for breakfast one morning, than cereal the next. Eating healthy proportions of the food you consume, don’t eat a bunch of junk food and sit around all day. Eat three decent sized meals, and if you eat too many sweets, make sure you are active a good amount of time out of the day. Eat healthy! Eat lots of fruits, make smoothies, or incorporate veggies into your day somehow. You can also look at food labels when you are picking out what to eat, don’t be anal about it and count calories everyday, but make sure saturated fats aren’t too high. Also watching your sugars, sweets! Even if your mom makes a new batch of cookies, try and limit your self to three instead of twelve. Drinking lots of water is essential to stay healthy and keep your body on track, same with vitamins, minerals, and protein. If you aren’t consuming enough of one of those, than you can try taking vitamin pills to substitute them so you are deficient and have it effect you as you grow older. I can maintain and control my weight by working out regularly, even if it isn’t going to the gym, I can make sure to walk or ride my bike places, instead of driving. I can go to weight room at the high school when it is available also. Shoveling snow or working in the garden can also help for workout times; you don’t always have to put in specific periods of your week to making a trip to your gym, (that was sometimes my excuse.) I think media has a big role in society and how people not only feel they should look, but on what they eat as well. I see more McDonald’s commercials than commercials promoting healthy eating. Same with Burger King, not as many on exercising...
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