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Topics: Hygiene, Cleanliness, Bathing Pages: 4 (1523 words) Published: April 24, 2014
2.3 check the suitability of an individual’s clothing and footwear for safety and mobility. When I go into a client’s house on a morning I get out clean clothes for that day for the client to put on, as I get the clothes out I check that the clothes are in good condition and that the clothes are the right size for the client. I recently went to dress the client, I went to put some trousers on the client but the trousers were too small so I explained to the client that these weren’t suitable as she would be uncomfortable all day so I looked for a bigger pair of trousers for the client to wear. I got a bigger pair of trousers out and they fit ok. 2.4 check the safety and cleanliness of mobility equipment and appliances. I went into a client’s house where the client uses an electric hoist, the hoist was plugged in on charge I took the hoist off charge and made sure the remote buttons worked correctly as they should and they did, I went to put the sling on the client and noticed a dirty mark on the sling, the client has a spare sling so I put the dirty sling in the wash and used the clean sling, then carried out the rest of my call. 3.3 give feedback and encouragement to the individual during mobility activities. One of the clients I go to uses a Zimmer frame and recently had a fall so she is less confident at working. I assist the client to stand up and hold the Zimmer frame I then guide the client by holding her back to keep her steady on her feet, I talk to client while she’s walking encouraging her to take it slowly and steady, this makes her feel better as she’s not being rushed. I guide the client by telling her to move one foot at a time and when she reaching the dining room and sits down, she tells me that she will get better at walking I say to the client that she has done really well and that all she has to do is take her time and not rush it. 222

2.3 support the individual to prepare to eat and drink, in a way that meets their personal needs and...
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