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Topics: Nonverbal communication, Communication, Translation Pages: 4 (853 words) Published: June 16, 2014
Unit 1 principles of communication in adult social care settings.

There are many reasons why people communicate; interacting with other people is a good way of socialising and showing feelings. Also to build relationships and trust communication is essential, therefore being able to communicate is a big part life. To be able to ask questions n find information out about different topics communication with other people is needed. 1.2

Good communication with colleague’s is a big part of working in the care industry to work together as a team and to be able to understand individual needs of residents and build trust between you and them. Also preventing misunderstandings by communicating well within your team is essential and will develop your own skills within the workplace. 1.3

When observing an individual’s reactions and have understood what you have said there are many different ways to tell, By the person giving you eye contact is a good sign that they have heard you, by facial expressions changing after or while you are speaking therefore means they have understood and are reacting by showing different face expressions or even showing hand gestures to tell you they have understood. 2.1

To find out preferences to individuals ways of communicating is very important these preferences may be changed by the persons own age, gender or values. Also beliefs and culture are a big part of how an individual’s communication needs would need to be met. Residents with physical disabilities communication would have to be tailed to the individuals needs weather this means a louder tone of voice or quite, even speaking slower than normal and breaking sentences down. 2.2

To be aware of barriers and how to overcome them there are so many different way to communicate sign language for people hard of hearing, brail is used by the blind to understand information by using their fingers. Using pictures and symbols to show what you are saying is a good alternative to...
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