hca255 health reform paper

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February 23, 2014
Health Reform Plan Paper
President Bill Clinton attempted to enforce The Health Security Act. This was to bring universal health care coverage to the United States. The intention of the President was to enhance the healthcare system and to provide universal health care coverage to Americans just like those of other countries that already have this system working. The Health Security Plan did fail. There were both good and bad parts of the plan and had too many issues to even come before congress for a vote. The Health Security Plan had many problems. It was argued that the health care reform plan was too large and too complex. (Piffner) The American people were skeptical of healthcare reform and campaigning against the bill relied on those insecurities. The public feared that the bill would mean more big government and socialized medicine. (Piffner) Americans did not want to be told what doctor they could nor could not use and what medical treatments they were allowed to have, even though current insurance plans have similar restrictions and limits to what is covered in network. Another factor that contributed to the demise of the Health Security Act was that Americans did not want a single payer system. The greatest factor that contributed to the fail of Presidents Clinton's health care reform was over ambition. The plan attempted simultaneously to secure universal coverage, regulate the private insurance market, change health care financing through an employer mandate, control costs to levels enforced by a national health board, and transform the delivery system through managed care. (Oberlander, 2007) The Health Security Act about the same thing as Obama’s Affordable Care Act. Both these Acts are almost worded the same and were going to do the same thing offering health coverage to all Americans. The huge problem was that Republican didn’t want this to happen because it was going to affect at lot of Americans in a wrong way....

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Obama Care Facts dispelling the myths.
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