HCS 455 week 3 Obama and Clinton Health Care Reform

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Obama and Clinton Health Care Reform
Carrie "Shellie" Cobbs
Health Care Policy: The Past and the Future
HCS 455
Mark Haddock
July 22, 2014
Obama and Clinton Health Care Reform
Compare and Contrast
President Obama and President Clinton have tried to pass legislation on health care reform and both have run into similarities and differences. Some similarities between the two president’s health insurance reform policies are mandatory coverage and consumers cannot be denied for pre-existing conditions. Some differences between the two president’s halth insurance reform policies are no government involvement, how to pay for the reform, malpractice reform, and there was a faster effort to get the bill from President Obama passed where President Clinton’s bill took over a year just drafting the bill. Steps to creating policy

Recognizing the problem
The government cannot prevent many problems from happening but they can help by recognizing the problems that follow a specific problem and create laws to help citizens. Setting an agenda
The agenda will depend on the problem and the parties recognizing the problem. Once special interests groups, the media, and political parties start responding to an issue then the agenda is set for what needs to be dealt with. Formulation

This stage happens when all the parties bring their ideas to the table and decisions are made about what ideas will move forward. Adopting
Once the ideas that are chosen are finalized the policy can be adopted and a law can be passed. The law must be sign by the president or can happen when the Supreme Court makes a ruling on case. Implementing

Public policies can be implemented by administrative agencies in the executive branch. Implementation can be through tax breaks, some form of punishment through fines or restrictions, or by appealing to people’s positive instincts to be helpful and do their duty as a citizen. Evaluation

Policies are continually evaluated for...

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