Hand and Fine Motor Skills

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1. Describe what you learned about children’s development from age birth – 19 years in each of the areas: Physical -
Babies (0-12 months) - I have learnt that babies at this age are learning, their gross and fine motor skills such as: Gross motor skills:
Baby lies on spine.
Arm and leg movements are jerky and uncontrolled.
There is almost no heads lag in sitting position.
Babies start using the palmer grasp and can transfer objects from hand to hand. Fine motor skills:
Babies turn their head towards the light and stares at bright or shiny objects. Babies watch their hands and plays with their fingers.
Babies start using the pincer grasp with thumb and index finger. Can poke with one finger and will point to desired objects.
Babies at this age are just learning to develop their muscles, and gain their confidence for the future. They need as much guidance as they can get to help them develop; they love to repeat things over and over again when they are determined to complete what they set out to do e.g. walking. Toddlers (1-3 years) – I have learnt that toddlers are still developing their gross and fine motor skills and that they are becoming more independent own their own. Gross motor skills

Probably walks alone with feet wide apart and arms raised to maintain balance, they are likely to fall over and often sit down suddenly. They can get standing without help from furniture or people, and kneels without support. They can jump from a low step.

They can stand and walk on tiptoe and stand on one foot.
Fine motor skills
Can build with a few bricks and arrange toys on the floor.
Toddlers can hold a crayon in a palmar grasp and turns several pages of a book at once. They enjoy painting with a large paint brush.
They can use scissors to cut paper.
Toddlers at this age learning how to develop their needs and how to use their hands for things such as paint brush, at this age they are still developing their gross and fine motor skills and they are...
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