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alternately) I take my little knees and go bend, bend, bend I take my little knees and go bend, bend, bend Bend, bend all day long. The Flea (From Music for Very Little People by John Feierabend, p. 38) On my toe there is a flea, (“climb” fingers up, tap top of head) Now he’s climbing on my knee, Past my tummy, past my nose, On my head where my hair grows. On my head there is a flea, Now he’s climbing down on me, Past my tummy, past my knee, On my toe TAKE THAT YOU FLEA! (tickle foot) ...

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Finger Injury (Sprain)

Fingers Injury : Sprain Normally sprain is a result of forced motion at a joint that stresses the supporting ligaments, causing varying degrees of damage. The forced motion usually hyperextension and lateral motion which is the lateral motion means stresses the collateral ligament and hyperextension means stresses the anterior capsule. There were several of symptoms of sprain injuries such as tenderness at the site of injury, increasing in pain on reproduction of the stress that caused the...

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Trigger Finger

Trigger Finger What is it? Stenosing tenosynovitis, commonly known as “trigger finger” or “trigger thumb”, involves the pulleys and tendons in the hand that bend the fingers. The tendons work like long ropes connecting the muscles of the forearm with the bones of the fingers and thumb. In the finger, the pulleys are a series of rings that form a tunnel through which the tendons must glide, much like the guides on a fishing rod through which the line (or tendon) must pass. These pulleys hold the...

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Finger and Ear Lobes

will be important when writing your conclusion. Feature | Trait | Total | Trait | Total | Ear Lobes | Free ear lobes | | Attached ear lobes | | Hair on knuckles | Hair present between 2nd and 3rd knuckle of fingers | | No hair present between 2nd and 3rd knuckle of fingers | | Hair Line(widow’s peak vs. straight hair line) | Widow’s peak | | Straight hair line | | Hair texture | Curly hair (count wavy hair as curly) | | Straight hair | | Chin shape(no cleft chin vs. cleft chin)...

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Development of Motor Control in Children and Adolescents

instructions while demonstrating the expected performance to ensure that the child understood the instruction. The time needed to perform the required number of movements was recorded for the following six motor tasks: (1) Repetitive finger movements (20 taps between index finger and thumb). (2) Repetitive hand movements (20 pattings of one hand with the wrists resting on the thighs and the palm of the inactive hand held down). (3) Repetitive foot movements (20 taps of the forefoot while the heel of the...

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Definition Essay On Word Hand

hands every day, probably without realizing how useful they are; this essay goes into more detail about 5 other definitions and the root of the word. The first use of the word hand is a noun and the part of your arm attached to your wrist with four fingers and a thumb. It is used for holding things, gesturing, using objects and more. She grabbed her son by the hand when they were walking through times square so he wouldn't get lost. There is one student in my class that always raises her hand to get...

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Henry System

be filed and searched was not yet invented. “Dr. Henry Faulds was the first European to publish the notion of scientific use of fingerprints in the identification of criminals. In 1892, Sir Francis Galton published his highly influential book, Finger Prints in which he described his classification system that include three main fingerprint patterns - loops, whorls and arches.” (International Biometric Group, 2003). In 1896 Sir Edward Henry, then the Inspector General of the Bengal Police in India...

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math in my major

0-40 0-50 Knee Flexion 0-150 Ankle Plantarflexion Dorsiflexion 0-40 0-20 Foot Inversion Eversion 0-30 0-20 Active range of motion norms for the hand and fingers Motion Degrees Finger flexion MCP:85-90; PIP: 100-115; DIP: 80-90 Finger extension MCP:30-45; PIP: 0; DIP: 20 Finger abduction 20-30 Finger adduction 0 Thumb flexion CMC: 45-50; MCP: 50-55; IP: 85-90 Thumb extension MCP: 0; IP: 0-5 Thumb adduction 30 Thumb abduction 60-70 Normal ranges of motion...

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Why The Wedding Ring Is On The Fourth Finger Analysis

why the wedding ring is on the fourth finger “If you were given the chance to have your old family back… your mother, your father, your brother… would you take it? in exchange, you would have to give the two of us up. Be honest.” Honestly, was there even a right answer to a question like this? Sasuke mulls it over in his head as he wonders what the right choice is, the right answer, or even the right words at this moment. “Sakura…” he begins. He sighs as he closes his eyes. “I would be lying...

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Biometric Technology

coordinate grid over the image. All the selected characteristics within the zones are then stored in a database as the individual's biometric template. Hand Geometry Hand geometry relies on measurements of the width, height, and length of the fingers, distances between joints, and the shape of knuckles. Using optical cameras and light-emitting diodes that have mirrors and reflectors, two orthogonal, two-dimension images of the back and the sides of the hand are taken. Based on these images, 96...

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