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Topics: The Most Dangerous Game, Plot, Narratology Pages: 1 (444 words) Published: November 3, 2014

Wade Rodgers
Mrs. Banks
5 November 2014
“The Most Dangerous Game” compare and contrast
Have you ever watched a movie expecting it to be different from the book. A great example of this is “ The Most Dangerous Game.” There are three specific differences in the characters, setting, and plot of ‘The Most Dangerous Game.” The characters in “The Most Dangerous Game” are not the same in the movie as they are in the story. There are more people in the beginning of the movie. Whitney, Rainsford and everyone on board are in the beginning of the movie. Whitney, Rainsford , and the Captain are in the beginning of the story. In the Movie there are more butlers than in the story. In the movie there is Ivan and two more butlers. In the story there is only Ivan bye himself . In the movie they added a girl. This didn’t happen in the story. The girl changed the whole point of the movie line. There is quite few a differences in the setting. The story and movie contrasted each other in these three ways. In the movie the island is named “Brink island”. In the story it is named “Ship Trap Island”. Another part that is different is the mansion. The mansion in the story is nice but in the movie it is dark and creepy. The part in the movie where they walk in the swamp it is foggy. In the story Rainsford steps in the quick sand and quickly jumps out. They changed the plot quite a few times in the movie compared to the story. The story had a straight “get to the point” plot going on for it. The movie had many different plot twists that varied. In the story it was like each little thing led up to the climax and falling action. One difference between the book and the movie the beginning they crashed the ship on the rocks. In the story Rainsford fell off the ship. Another difference in the plot. Rainsford was to busy trying to protect the girl in the movie. In the story he tried to get off the island. The last main difference in the plot is they leave the island in the Movie. In the...
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