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Gummy Bear Lab

By DaWobble Apr 04, 2014 466 Words
What do you think will happen to a gummy bear when you put it in water over night? Research Hypothesis:
The gummy bear will dissolve in the water due to the fact that most gummy bears are made out of pure sugar. Also that since gummy bears are sugar and sugar usually dissolves in water. Also it will vary due to the amount of water that is used in the experiment. Null Hypothesis:

The amount of sugar in the gummy bears and the amount of water that is used will have no effect on what happens to the gummy bears. Independent Variable(s):
Foam Cup
Dependent Variable(s):
Color of the gummy bear
Controlled Variable(s):
Amount of water
Amount of time
Control Group:
There was no control group
Materials and Methods
1 Foam cup
1 Gummy Bear
50 ml of water
First, measure the length of the Gummy Bear
Second, measure the widest point of the Gummy Bear to get the width Third, measure the thickness of the Gummy Bear
Fourth, calculate the volume of the Gummy Bear
Fifth, measure the mass of the Gummy Bear using a triple beam balance Sixth, calculate the density of the Gummy Bear
Seventh, add 50 ml of water to the foam cup
Eighth, Put the Gummy Bear in the water and let it sit for two days Ninth, pull Gummy Bear out after two days and repeat steps 1-6 Results

 Day Bear ColorLength Width ThicknessVolumeMassDensity  1Red2 cm 1 cm1 cm2.02 grams1.0
 2Light Pink5 cm3.5 cm2 cm35.015.1 grams4.31
 Amount of changeLighter3 cm2.5 cm1 cm33.013.1 grams3.31

Lab Notes
Gummy Bear got larger as it sat in the water
Gummy Bear got lighter as it sat in the water

My hypothesis was incorrect, because instead of dissolving in the water the Gummy Bear absorbed the water. This occurred due to the fact that some of the ingredients to make a Gummy Bear include a gelatin based ingredient. So due to it being made of that gelatin ingredient the Gummy Bear absorbed water like Jell-O instead of dissolving in it. Sources of Error

The expected results of the lab were that the Gummy bear dissolves in the water getting smaller, not larger. These were not observed due to the Gummy Bear absorbing the water instead of dissolving in it. Differences were due to my reasoning of what would happen to the Gummy Bear. Conclusion Statement

I do not support my research hypothesis because the Gummy Bear did not dissolve in the water. I therefore agree with my Null hypothesis which states the amount of sugar and water will have no effect on the Gummy Bear, which is half true. We still do not know if there will be a different result when using less or more water.

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