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Topics: Online shopping, Grocer, Food Pages: 4 (1288 words) Published: August 31, 2010
According to the article entitled Online Grocery Shopping: Ripe Timing for Resurgence, Maya Swedowsky report that the online shopping for groceries in United States of America is reborn and increasing as the consumers’ behaviour is changing towards online tools to fill in their grocery bags and have been influenced by four factors, which are convenience, usage of broadband, Generation Y, and customization of products. This can be proven by the number of grocers which has increased more than 13 times since 2001, where US population is nearly doubled during that period. The purpose of the article is to let the target audience of the article, which is people who work in the food industry (food manufacturers and food companies) know that the current trend of consumers is going for groceries’ online shopping. The finding of the article is very good since it will help food companies or manufacturers to get an idea and come out with their own web sites and offer online shopping to the customers in order to keep up the trend with their target market. Hence, they are able to compete with other companies who are already offering online shopping to the consumers.

Moreover, Swedowsky also stated that “online grocery could become a catch-all of convenience for the food, beverage and personal categories”. It is true and I am totally agreed with the statement. Besides avoiding crowds and traffic, as stated by the author, the other benefit of convenience is because the customers do not need to face the irritating sales girls that pushed them to buy the products that they are promoting. Some of the promoters make the customers run away from the shop just because of their attitude by forcing the customers to try the new food and beverage products and forced the customers to buy the products after tried it. Normally, those customers will not come back to that shop again. By having online shopping, the customers will not face those promoters because customers will only deal the...
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