Online Grocery

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Online Grocery


Admin Modules

➢ Product Details

➢ Price Details

➢ Customer Details

➢ Billing

Customer Modules

➢ Customer Registration

➢ View Product Details

➢ Shopping Cart

➢ E-Payment

➢ Monthly List

Customer Queries

Profile Settings

Modules Description

❖ Admin Modules

Product Details

The Product details of the grocery have been included and maintained by the Admin. The admin should only have the authority to create new product based on the Grocery. The product details consist of product category, product details (name of the product, image, description, etc) and price details according to the weight of the Product. A new product detail was created based on the category of the product.

Price Details

The price for a particular product has been assigned by the admin based on the product weight and brand of the product. A Price detail varies for same product because of the company name and weight of the product also includes MRP rate and LRP rate of the Product. For example: XXX soap have different weights like 75gms and 100gms, these would be assigned with different price details.

Customer Details

The newly registered customer’s details have been viewed by the admin. This would help the admin to view the number of customers who are using this site.


The payment details of the particular customer or particular date have been view by the admin. The billing details have been generated regarding day-wise or customer-wise.

❖ Customer Modules

Customer Registration

The customers are allowed to create their own account by submitting their personal details to this site. This account makes the user to maintain secure connections of their shopping details and billing details. Also this would help the user in maintains their monthly list for their shopping cart.

View Product Details

The product details can be viewed by the customers according to their desire. The customer can be allowed to view the product details regarding the category of the product. The details of a particular product have been given to the customer, which includes product name, weight, MRP rate, LRP rate and availability of the product.

Shopping Cart

The shopping cart is the major use of this application. Customer can purchase their items, the purchased items have been added the cart before they complete the shopping. The shopping cart is filling with the customer’s purchased products, the bill is generated only when the customer complete their shopping by checkout. When the customer checkout from the shopping the cart becomes empty and the bill will be generated for the customer’s shopping.


After collecting the billing details for their shopping the customers would allow to pay the bill in online itself. E-payment modules include the credit card details and other e-payment details of the customer to complete the shopping.

Monthly List

The customers are allowed to create their monthly list for their shopping using their own account. The monthly list includes necessary items needed for the customer on monthly-wise have been created as a list to their account. This would help the user to make their shopping more simply. The customer doesn’t need to search the product and purchase every time, if they have monthly list it would be easy to make their shopping quickly.

❖ Customer Queries

Registered customers can submit their queries about the grocery products, e-payment or other details regarding the application. The registered customer would have their own account to login to the site; from this the customers are allowed to submit their queries. These customer queries have been processed by the admin and send reply or give solutions to make the customer satisfy.

❖ Profile Settings

The admin and the customer have been allowed to update their profile settings. The admin...
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