Green Marketing a Debate on the Following Quote “ Earth Friendly, Dolphin Friendly, Green Marketing: Call It What You Want. It’s a Waste of Resources”

Topics: Environment, Environmentalism, Marketing Pages: 4 (1244 words) Published: September 17, 2012
Green Marketing A debate on the following quote “ Earth Friendly, Dolphin Friendly, Green Marketing: Call it what you want. It’s a waste of resources”

Team 5

John Patrick Cahill

Katherine Gillespie
Sean Mc Loughlin
Juila Koemets

“ Earth Friendly, Dolphin Friendly, Green Marketing: Call it what you want. It’s a waste of resources”

“Climate change, mass extinction of species, deforestation and the ever increasing loss of natural habitats are facts accepted by most scientists and is known to the public”.

Green marketplaces are developing in many parts of the world as consumers are becoming more consciously aware of the environment. This has been evident since the 1990’s when companies began researching consumer behaviors and identified a heightened environmental awareness. Vandermerwe and Oliff surveyed European multinationals and found that 92 per cent claimed to have changed their products in response to green consumer demands. The 1990s promised a great thing for businesses contemplating a move towards a greener and environmentally friendly image. Vandermerwe and Oliff predicted an emerging”green tide”, however this turned out to be only a mere green ripple in the sea and did not materialise. However since then consumers opinions towards green products has increased at an alarming rate with more than ever recycling and purchasing environmentally friendly products. ( This shift in consumer attitudes and behaviors has led to companies realizing that they must act now and prove to their markets that they are eco- friendly in order to maintain and increase their current market share. As green products are becoming very important to consumers those companies who fail to recognize and react to their consumers needs and wants will find themselves losing valuable market share. For example the car...

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