Topics: Research, Recycling, Environment Pages: 8 (1968 words) Published: November 3, 2009
Research Project
Brunel International Pathway Centre 12 week Pre-sessional

Used one uk-based company as a case study, analyses to what extent the increasing pressure on business to be more environmentally responsible has affected the company’s marketing strategy. ( I choose Tesco )

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Brunel University
West London

Literature review--------------------------------------------------2-3

Primary research aims-------------------------------------------4

Primary research sample----------------------------------------4

Primary research methods--------------------------------------4

Primary research result------------------------------------------5





TESCO was founded in 1919, and the founder was Jack Cohen. In the beginning. He just sold goods in an east London market. The name “TESCO” first appeared in 1924, and the first shop was opened in London. And in 1947, the company was listed on the London Stock Exchange. In 1948, the first self-service shops for business. The first TESCO supermarket was opened in 1956 in Essex. The first "major" supermarket built in 1968, is located in west Sussex. In 1974, TESCO began selling gasoline, and in 1979 its annual turnover is more than 1 billion pounds. 1975, the first senior department store opened. In 1997 the first large stores (Extra) opened. Tesco’s main purpose is to create value for customers to earn their lifetime loyalty. That made Tesco successful, and now it have become one of the most successful supermarkets in the world. ( www.tescocorporate.com/insidetesco ) In recently years, the environment protection has become the most important subject of the world. The environment protection is often mentioned in every area. And to be one of the most important parts of society, companies should have responsibility for the environment. So it has affected the company’s marketing strategy, and that increased pressure on business. To be a successful supermarket company, TESCO have that responsibility. I want to say something about the company’s environment responsibility. So this essay will find out the whether the environment responsibility will change their strategy and people’s attitude to Tesco in the environment protection. Literature Review:

Tesco believe in sustainable growth – “it is responsible, it is what our customers want and it makes good business sense. If we take decisions that are unsustainable, we may harm the world we all live in. Similarly, if we fail to minimize our environmental impacts, we will be inefficient and increase our costs. “(www.tescocorporate.com/environment ) Tesco divided that into 5 parts, Climate Change, Emissions, Resources, Waste & Recycling and Our products. So we can see Tesco put the environment protection in an important place. As everyone knows, supermarket is the place where people buy goods for their alive. And if supermarket have a environment responsibility in their marketing strategy, it’s effective in the environment protection. Recycling:

During 2006/07, 71% of Tesco’s waste was recycled. And all of this included over 80% of paper, cardboard and plastic. Tesco said “ to reduce further waste we send to landfill, in July 2006 we started supplying surplus food from 35 stores to the charity Fare Share, which distributes it to the needy”.( www.tescocorporate.com/environment ) The air pollution:

Tesco’s Decision to open “regional buying offices” to “increase local sourcing” and “cut food miles”, because of the cost and the effect to the environment, Tesco decided to “cut food miles”...
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