Data Research

Topics: Scientific method, Marketing, Exploratory research Pages: 3 (819 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Data Collection:
Data collection is the heart of any research. No study is complete without the data collection. This research also includes data collection and was done differently for different type of data. TYPES OF DATA

Primary Data:
For the purpose of collecting maximum primary data, a structured questionnaire was used wherein questions pertaining to the satisfaction level of the customer about pantaloons product(apparel), the quality, color, variety of products, the availability of different brands etc were incorporated. Secondary Data:

Internet, Articles, Newspapers
The data that were gathered for the prior information of the details about pantaloons and its product were through the company’s website, the articles, and newspapers. 2. INSTRUMENTS OF DATA COLLECTION

For collecting the data we have selected questionnaire and interview method. In this we distributed the questionnaire to respondents and personally interviewed them. We had prepared the questionnaire and we met the employees personally for filling it and interviewing them.

* According to the survey, majority of the respondent were aware about the concept of green marketing but they consist of mainly students. More awareness about green product and green marketing should be spread to common man as well. More advertisement about green products should be done. * Green products used by the respondents were very limited. More and more companies should take up green marketing and produce more green products so that consumers can have more choice * Respondents were using green products but were not aware about it as they didn’t know the eco labels. Awareness about green product as well as eco labels should be spread by the company and government. * Majority of respondents used green products only once for environment sake. Repeat purchase was not there. Companies should focus on it. * Majority of the respondents were quality conscious. Companies should focus on...
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