Green Marketing Challenges and Strategies

Topics: Marketing, Environmentalism, Sustainability Pages: 24 (7978 words) Published: June 24, 2013
Green and Rural Marketing : Business development
Green marketing has evolved over a period of time. As resources are limited and human wants are unlimited, it is important for the marketers to utilize the resources efficiently without waste as well as to achieve the organization’s objectives. Companies all across the globe have started differentiating their products and services by using “Go-Green” concern and have started utilizing ecological marketing approach as a competitive edge. So green marketing is inevitable. In today’s time what companies do they just take one product, attempt to make it environmentally friendly, and then tell everybody about it. That is current green marketing in a nutshell. With few standards, a very little labeling of any significance, the right to call a product environmentally friendly is practically limitless. Sustainable business integrates and balances economic growth, social equity an environmental impact and integrates business practices to achieve efficient environmental management practices. But the biggest challenge for businesses targeting rural markets is to deal with the complex issue of sustainability itself because of unawareness of rural community about sustainability. Sustainability can help performance enhancement for the rural populace which can ultimately result in social as well as economic development of rural people developing higher potential of rural markets as desired by businesses targeting rural areas context Successful marketing is customer-centric, so if sustainability and eco-friendly products are important to customers, green marketing may be effective. Green is becoming more and more mainstream—becoming more important to increasing numbers of people. An excellent example of a large company embracing green marketing is Scott, a $2 billion global value brand that reaches one in three U.S. households—a very mainstream customer base. Scott is launching a new line of toilet paper, paper towels, napkins, and wipes made from 40%–50% recycled content. The decision was based on research conducted on Scott’s value-minded customers: the research found that 86% are interested and 41% are very interested in products with recycled content. Green marketing can be an effective and useful tool, but it must align with customers’ needs. If environmental concerns aren’t important to customers, green marketing will not be effective. However, if customers do place high importance on green products and sustainability issues, green marketing can be a powerful way to positively position the company and its products and services. This paper brings the importance of Green products in rural markets. As the world is aiming for sustainability and balanced economic development, green marketing and rural marketing drives the growth engine for sustainability. The marketing of rural products in urban and rural areas enhances the socio-economic development of the rural economy. It also enhances the standard of living of the society of the rural people by opening new venues for business. The paper highlights the Objectives of Green Marketing in rural and urban areas and the strategies necessary for formulating marketing of rural products for balanced economic development of sustainable future. The importance of Green consumerism throws highlights to the consumers thereby creating awareness about the utility and recycling value of green products. Introduction

Green marketing definitions can be a little confusing, since green marketing can refer to anything from greening product development to the actual advertising campaign itself going by alternative names such as sustainable marketing, environmental marketing, green advertising, eco marketing, organic marketing all of which point to similar concepts though perhaps in a more specific fashion, green marketing is essentially a way to brand your marketing message in order to capture more of the market by appealing to people desire to...
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