Green Marketing

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Table of Contents
3.1 Introduction3
3.2 Green Marketing legislation4
3.3 Evolution of Green Marketing5
3.4 Benefits of Green Marketing6
3.5 Reason Firms Use Green Marketing7
3.5.1 Opportunities7
3.5.2 Social responsibility8
3.5.3 Governmental pressure9
3.5.4 Competitive Pressure10
3.5.5 Cost or profit Issues10
3.6 Problems with green Marketing11
3.7 Keys to Successful Green Marketing12
3.7.1 Being genuine12
3.7.2 Educating customers12
3.7.3 Giving your customers an opportunity to participate12 4.0 GREEN MARKETING CASE STUDY:13
4.1 Family farm not Factory farmed (Santa Fe farmers Markets)13 5.0 CONCLUSION AND RECOMMENDATIONS14

Green marketing refers to the process of selling products and/or services based on their environmental benefits. Such a product or service may be environmentally friendly in itself or produced and/or packaged in an environmentally friendly way. The obvious assumption of green marketing is that potential consumers will view a product or service's "greenness" as a benefit and base their buying decision accordingly. The not-so-obvious assumption of green marketing is that consumers will be willing to pay more for green products than they would for a less-green comparable alternative product - an assumption that, in my opinion, has not been proven conclusively. While green marketing is growing greatly as increasing numbers of consumers are willing to back their environmental consciousnesses with their dollars, it can be dangerous. The public tends to be skeptical of green claims to begin with and companies can seriously damage their brands and their sales if a green claim is discovered to be false or contradicted by a company's other products or practices. Presenting a product or service as green when it's not is called green washing. Unfortunately, a majority of people believe that green marketing refers solely to the promotion or advertising of products with environment characteristics. Terms like Phosphate free, recyclable and environmental friendly are some of the things consumer most often associate with green marketing .While these terms are green marketing claims, In general green marketing is much broader concept that can be applied to consumer goods, industrial goods and even services. For example, around the world there are resorts that are beginning to promote themselves as ecotourist facilities,i.e facilities that specialize in experiencing nature or operating in a fashion that minimizes environmental impact Thus green marketing incorporates a broad range of activities including product modification, changes in production processes, packaging changes as well as modifying advertising.

In this contemporary world, an ecological issue such as global warming interests both the marketing practitioners as well as the consumers. The term “green marketing” simply denotes all the activities intended to generate as well as facilitate any exchange in order to satisfy human needs such that satisfying these needs happen with the most minimal input on the environment. Companies all across the globe have started differentiating their products and services by using go-green concern and have started utilizing ecological marketing approach as a mere competitive edge. This green marketing approach is largely used as a gimmick by the gigantic corporate houses in order to make a difference in the consumer’s point of view when it comes to major market decisions. 3.0 LITERATURE REVIEW

3.1 Introduction
Although environment issues influence all human activities, few academic disciplines have integrated green issues into their literature, this is especially true of marketing. As society becomes more concerned with natural environment, business has begun to modify their behavior in an attempt to address society’s new...

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6. marketing
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