Great Gatsby

Topics: State, New Jersey, Missing person Pages: 1 (456 words) Published: April 23, 2014
Direct-Cameron Paul
Good afternoon. Please state out your name and spell it out for the record. My name is Cameron Paul. P-A-U-L.
What do you do for a living?
I am a crime scene analyst with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Laboratory Service Division, also known as the State Laboratory. Currently, I conduct all ballistics and firearms analysis, in addition to my duties as a chief CSA. What is your relationship with this case?

On May 22nd, I received a call from an officer who was investigating an abandoned vehicle down at Chaqutaqua Park. He reported that the vehicle may have connections with Ms. Shore, the girl that was reported missing yesterday. What did you do after the call?

I went out to the park in order to investigate. Before leaving the lab, I printed out the DMV records for the car down at the park as well as a RMP (Report of Missing Person) filed towards the girl. Was there any relationship between the car and Ms. Shore?

Yes. The DMV record showed that the vehicle tag was registered to a “Nicole Shore”, 19 Anthony Lane, Boulder. After arriving at the investigation scene, I confirmed that the DMV record matched the plate on the car. Was there anything “out of the ordinary” for an abandoned car? There appeared to be blood stains and a bullet inside the vehicle. A field analysis was performed by Casey Vince (the DNA Analyst) and myself. I instructed Agent Vince to go to the Shores’ in order to obtain a DNA sample. I, myself, went on to interview Sam Seaside, who was listed on the RMP as one of the people who were last seen with Nikki Shore. What did Sam Seaside state during the interview?

Mr. Seaside, who is now the defendant of this case, stated out that the last he saw Ms. Shore was when he left her with Jo Situation after driving them from a party to Chautauqua Park. The defendant said that there had been an argument between him and Ms. Shore. I retrieved the defendant’s clothes and sealed it in an evidence bag....
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