Canada and the Cold War

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Little Boy Missing
Mrs. Purcell reacts to questions from the Press
Mrs. Purcell reacts to questions from the Press
Written by: Ronnie McQuade
´I just want my boy back” says Mrs. Purcell
Johnny Purcell, age eleven, disappeared last night after running away from a Boy Scout award ceremony. Eye witnesses have reported that Johnny was reportedly was running away from his father and the police are in the middle of investigating the father, John Purcell. The boy has been missing for 14 hours. The boy disappeared out of John Purcell sights between Scout road and Cree avenue. Eye witnesses have reported that before the boy fled; Mr. Purcell was caught drinking with one of the other parents. Police are investigating if alcohol was used and maybe the cause of the boy running away

“I tried to chase after him, but I just don’t have the energy I used to have” said john Purcell after an interview with the local news station.

The local news station interviewed Mrs. Purcell, Johnny Purcell’s mother, and this is what she had to say on the situation. “I just want my boy back, he doesn’t deserve being on the street by himself… alone… I just want him back” and then she continued to say “if anyone has any information on my boy please call my home.” Prayers have gone out to the Purcell family in this very heart wrenching time in their lives. If you would like to give the family support, call the Purcell help Hotline at 1-705-467-3400. Forensics scrub the crime scene for any evidence on the missing child Forensics scrub the crime scene for any evidence on the missing child If you have any information on the child, please call the local police.
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