Grandmothers Jewelry Box

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My Grandmothers Jewelry Box

An object I found to be most significant and interesting is my grandmother's
jewelry box. This jewelry box has been an important object in my life since I was a little girl. Whenever I glance over, incredible memories dance in my head of my grandmother and me. I chose to write about this jewelry box because it's so important to me. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted nothing more than to be like my grandmother. My grandmother's jewelry box rests on my nightstand in my bedroom. It's a

polished dark wooden box which contains three different compartments. One
is for necklaces and bracelets, the second earrings, and the third rings. When you open the top there's a little girl dancing in circles while lovely music would play. This jewelry box was bought in the 1930's when my grandmother was only ten. Even now in the present the jewelry box looks like new and still so beautiful. My grandmother started this collection with all her mother's jewelry from when she was a little girl. Year by year the jewelry box would fill up with such stunning

things, and I would only wish they could be mine.
My grandmother always dressed so beautifully and what made her stand out most was the jewelry she complimented her outfit with. When I stayed at my grandmother's house, dress up was something I loved to do, and I did it almost every day. I would try on almost all of her jewelry she owned and dance around the

house. As I grew up and my grandmother started getting older, that jewelry box meant more to me then just playing dress up. I knew how much the jewelry box meant to my grandmother and every time I glanced at it, it reminds me of how beautiful my grandmother was.

At age 80, my grandmother passed away, leaving me the jewelry box. This meant more to me then anything. She knew how much I loved her jewelry and I'm thrilled to know when I get older I'll be able to show them off, in memory of her. Every...
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