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English 101
September 11, 2013
For the love of Music
Everyone expresses themselves in a variety of ways getting lost in their own world only to be understood by them, this lost realm in which people enter is very vague, there isn’t much to it but the feelings and emotions brought upon by the music. Certain songs or artists/bands seem to strike very emotional ties with many people and that includes me, but idea of what music is undefined. Music doesn’t take shape or size but it essentially forms a bond with the ones listening to it. There are many different genres of music I enjoy listening too, but my favorite type of music I enjoy the most is a combination of hip hop and rap music. This is my favorite type of music because it tells stories I can relate to, there are many different types of hip hop and rap music, and I can listen to it in whatever kind of mood I am in. Hip hop has so many different forms from spoken word, rap and R&B all of which have shaped the culture of hip hop.

The term hip hop is often misconceived as many think it promotes violence and drug use, all of which do not relate to me. Neither of which have an influence over my life but hip hop has shaped my entire span of my music. I remember growing up listening to my older brother’s music and thinking “what is this?” Immediately I knew I liked it. Of course my big brother has a huge roll in my life because that’s who you look up to as a little kid. The next day I stole my

brother’s cd and brought it to school to show all my friends, from that experience my friends and I share a common interest, and bond through music that can only be described by us. This is where my story beings, from that memory on there I became obsessed. Always talking about new artists and songs gave me something to look forward to, and it created a passion. My older brother soon realized my love for music and even though we were 4 years apart our taste was the same. Now imagine a 5th grader with...
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