Grammar Exercise on Active and Passive Voice

Topics: Prime number, Passive voice, Alexander Graham Bell Pages: 3 (655 words) Published: September 14, 2014
Active & Passive Voice
Change the Voice [Active - Passive] of the following sentences. 1. Brutus stabbed Caesar.
2. The people will make him President.
3. Who taught you grammar?
4. The governor gave him a reward.
5. The Romans expected to conquer Carthage.
6. One should keep one’s promises.
7. I know her.
8. My captors were taking me to prison.
9. His behaviour vexes me sometimes.
10. It is time to close the shop.
11. The audience loudly cheered the Mayor’s speech.
12. Premchand wrote this novel.
13. We admire the brave.
14. I bought the baby a doll.
15. They know me.
16. He invited me to his house yesterday.
17. They enjoy bathing.
18. I opened the door.
19. I read the book long ago.
20. Pakistan expected to win the match.
21. The master appointed him monitor.
22. Who taught you such tricks as these?
23. Brutus accused Caesar of ambition.
24. The boy is climbing the cliff.
25. He taught me to read Persian.
26. One expect better behaviour from a college student.
27. They showed a video of ‘The Titanic’.
28. You must endure what you cannot cure.
29. The curator of the museum showed us some ancient coins.
30. The King reviewed the troops on the maidan.
31. They have pulled down the old house.
32. The rules forbid passengers to cross the railway line.
33. He made his wife do the work.
34. Nature teaches beasts to know their friends.
35. All desire wealth and some acquire it.
36. Lincoln emancipated four million African slaves.
37. We expect good news.
38. They propose to build a dam for irrigation purposes.
39. I offered him a chair.
40. The French surrendered Quebec to the English in 1759.
41. He showed me the greatest respect.
42. Alas! We shall hear his voice no more.
43. Shall I ever forget those happy days?
44. Do you not understand my meaning?
45. We must listen to his words.
46. Macbeth hoped to succeed Duncan.
47. Who taught you Urdu?
48. They found him guilty of murder.
49. The King immediately gave...
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