Macbeth V guided questions 2

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The Tragedy of Macbeth

Act V

Scene 1 – The royal castle at Dunsinane

1. A doctor and a waiting gentlewoman witness the sleepwalking of Lady Macbeth, who has become afraid of the dark and carries a light with her wherever she goes. She begins to talk in her sleep, frantically wringing her hands together as she laments that they will never again be clean; she then unwittingly implicates herself and her husband in the murders of Duncan, Banquo, and Lady Macduff.
Scene 2 – The country outside Dunsinane

2. Mentieth, Angus, Lennox, and Caithness — all Scottish noblemen — desert Macbeth and head for Birnam Wood.

3. Where is Macbeth? In his castle

4. Angus remarks that Macbeth’s soldiers move only out of fear, not out of love for their king (lines 19-20). Caithness proposes that they march on, to give “obedience” to the medicine Scotland needs in order to heal – Prince Malcolm.

Scene 3 – Inside the castle at Dunsinane

5. Macbeth says that he feels no fear despite the “reports” of danger outside. What gives him this (false) sense of security? The witches told Macbeth that the person to dethrone him would be borne by a woman

6. Yet when a servant reports the approach of ten thousand soldiers, why does Macbeth say he is sick at heart? Because this battle will either end or secure is reign as king

7. According to the doctor, Lady Macbeth’s illness is caused by (line 38) by the visions she sees in her sleep

8. What is Macbeth’s attitude as the scene ends? His attitude is confident

Scene 4 – Country near Birnam Wood, outside the castle at Dunsinane

9. How is “Great Birnam Wood” going to march upon “high Dunsinane Hill”? by covering the armies with branches to concel their numbers

10. Who gives the order for Great Birnam Wood to march? SIWARD

Scene 5 – Within the castle at Dunsinane

11. Why does Macbeth wait inside the castle rather than attacking the enemy “beard to beard”? He believes his castle is strong enough to hold them back and he

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