Grading System

Topics: Education, Educational psychology, Suicide Pages: 3 (812 words) Published: January 29, 2011
I think this is a good step to change the very old education system of our country. We have progressed and developed in many field but the Educational system is same (implemented during Colonial regime). But the question arises why in only CBSE System. However, this is going to relax most of the students and parents as well. The Students and guardians were used to go under unnecessary pressure and stress twice (X & XII). The Grading system is better than marking system. Meanwhile I fee the Government should also consider on the following matters. 1. There should be one syllabus system in all over India.

2. This system must be applied to all board exam not only CBSE. Each and every board must follow other wise the students of CBSE will face a great consequences in future. 3. There should be one educational system in all over India.

I’ve read these statements, n I think most of the people dint like it bcoz, acc to them there e will be no difference in 91 and 99.i just want to ask that in whole India how many students get above 90 and hw many below 60.obvsly more students are in 2nd category’s we should think on behalf of those who are more in the system get very depressed when they fails!, their enthusiasm, will to study further get busted!

So it better for those students. At least they can study further with increased enthusiasm that they have to get next grade next year.

So thinking as a mess.

This sys is excellent and obviously it will reduce the suicide cases adopted by the failure students.

Well everything thing has both ways one is positive and another one is negative we are taking about only positive thing that is stress will be remove from students mind, inferiority complex and all that.

But there is some person, who is talking about negative point of grading system, if we talk about negative point there are certain points like no students have deep knowledge about the subject and if you do not have deep knowledge you can put up your...
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