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Factors affecting students’ academic performance

Today’s generation teenager who is in the pivotal level of school life – class XII, has to go through multiple dilemmas, and has many concerns which probably a teenager, couple of generations ago did not have. CBSE and its new grading system, schools with their modern IT (or other innovative) teaching pedagogy, peer and parental influence – are few things which are probably constantly influencing the student Also the criticality of this stage of a student’s life is more acute considering the fact that scores achieved in these exams are considered very important for getting into university, professional courses or training programs, and even possibly in finding employment. . In India, academic performance is often understood as the parameter for judging ones capabilities and future potential. In a country where the supply of qualified and educated population surpasses the demand, the importance of marks increases multifold. This adds further pressure of the students to perform well in their XII standard board exams as it may be a determinant of their future careers. Having said so, it should be noted that a student simultaneously prepares for other competitive exams as well in this very pivotal stage.

Our research aims at studying the education industry of the country and analyze different factors that may have a bearing on the performance of students ( XII grade). We will focus only on students in the XII grade as the importance of the result of this examination is considered most important by the corporate world and the society. The research will be carried out across the CBSE schools of Delhi/NCR. The study aims at highlighting the major factors which need to be focused upon by students, teachers, parents and school alike, while preparing for the Board exams. In the end it will also enable the students to draw a fine line between effective preparation for board and competitive exams alike.

Flow Chart of the Research Process

Literature Review
Academic performance of a student is a function of various things which revolves around the nature of his/her environment. To further delve into these environmental factors, we can identify various internal and external factors. We define internal factors as those which pertain to the student and his family conditions. External factors are those which are beyond the control of the student. These are majorly governed by the pedagogy adopted by the professors and the educational institute. In the process of identifying the variables to study for the research study, we took assistance of various existing research papers on similar topics and came up with a 21 factor list that will act as the parameters on which we will judge the relevance of each with the student’s academic performance. In Jessica Gamba 2010 , professor The Chicago School of Professional Psychology concluded a positive relationship between the nature of course material and the performance of students in examinations . We also identified the provision of tuition facility has a bearing on the ability of a student’s academic performance through Qaiser Suleman , Hassan Danial Aslam , Dr. Ishitiaq Hussain , Naeem Ali 2013 research study . The financial health of the family to which the student belongs may also have an effect on his/her performance , Musarat Azhar, Sundus Nadeem, Faqiha Naz, Fozia Perveen & Ayesha Sameen 2013.One of the well discussed factor in various research papers establishes that the efforts to put in the teacher and their pedagogy have a huge impact on the students ability to understand the knowledge being shared and transform it into a tangible output , Ramin Akbari ,Nami Karibi , 2010 .Internet and TV have today become integral parts of a student’s life ,which they use for both educational and recreational purposes .The amount of hours spent watching TV or...
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