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Year round school

By Kiaya-Lucero Oct 15, 2014 576 Words
Kiaya Lucero
September 15, 2014
Blue 3
Mr. Crocker
For generations the education system in the US has been a major in how our world is shaped today. And changing it could maybe benefit the American people in ways you couldn’t imagine. For years now America has fallen short in basic math, reading and writing while other countries have exceeded expectations. Education is key to staying connected to other countries and being able to make it in the real world. With that said the United States education system needs to be recognized as a huge part in our daily lives and needs to be changed. Like other countries education system they have school year round showing a huge difference in the scores they get compared to the US. Having the opportunity to have school year round could allow students to graduate from high school faster and potentially college. The freedom to go at the pace that best fits you is what is amazing. In High school this could allow you to get the credits you need and that will allow you to potentially go to the college of your choice. With this it could decrease school drop outs and help they economy by making more jobs. This could have the potential to change our system and bring America out of the hole we made for ourselves. A student may even be struggling in a particular subject and with the regular education system it wouldn’t be a priority to the teacher or the student to fully understand the subject. With the year round school this problem could be easily solved. Students would be exceeding the level expected or just staying level with their class. There are also many opportunities to being able to graduate from high school with your first year of college basic classes already completed. That saves money and a whole lot of stress, also the education on how to study and write essays in grade school help prepare you for College. Having school year round can allow you to have the time to practice and prepare for the many things that college may bring. College is what sets you up for opportunity to get a job and participate in society. College sets you up for many things in life and to have some of the education from high school with year round school can help you tremendously. In order to be successful in college you have to have the write study habits and ways to prepare yourself for test and quizzes so you can pass the class. With the year round school the teachers would have time to teach you all the correct ways of learning that. Education is key in this day and age and with yearlong education you can get through many things faster and comprehend more. To have an opportunity to change the economy by having more people thinking and making life changing decisions is amazing. This could not only benefit that but the teachers, they would be more recognized for their work and have something to prove it, their successful kids. Also the time that school would start and end would be more realistic for this day and age not to mention having days off more often than now. If we could just have one school district to try this out to see if it would work it could potentially reveal things that are unbelievable we just need to try.

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