Good Bad Food Essay

Topics: Nutrition, Meal, Cafeteria Pages: 4 (624 words) Published: May 27, 2014
Good Food/Bad Food
School lunch is an issue in schools throughout our country. Many parents, teachers, as well as students tried to tackle this problem; but it still remains an issue. Dana Woldow, who’s been involved with this school lunch problem since 2002 once said to congress “Try school cafeteria food in your district. Then see if you continue to make the same decisions about how you fund the program.”(Dana Woldow) Schools serve lunches that lack all the nutrients we need as children for your typical breakfast and lunch. Children in school should be served freshly cooked meals, but are served pre-cooked re-heated meals. Nearly all schools have vending machines or snack bars; the snacks available are chips, cookies, sodas, pizza, etc. Students are surrounded by unhealthy food options. Every child has to eat at some point throughout the day, if you’re not packing your child’s meals they are bound to fall into the unhealthy food choices. Students being served pre-cooked reheated meals can be prevented. Many schools were built and still till this day are built without kitchens. Without a kitchen it makes it impossible to serve fresh cooked meals in these schools. Most students are unaware of the negative effects of the meals they are served. “Processed foods often contain ingredients that do not follow the principle of food combining, which can lead to low energy, poor digestion, illness, acidic blood and weight gain.”(Body Ecology) Meals are supposed to provide you with energy, the food served to students are really taking away from that. At Lincoln High School 55% of students eat school lunch, that’s more than half the students consuming these unhealthy meals. 94% of the students at Lincoln High School want healthy food, but aren’t provided with meals with the right nutrients that growing kids should be eating twice a day. “Most of the schools in the district lack kitchens, so they must buy pre-produced food from off-site most of the vegetables they...

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