Golden Rule

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I Believe In the Golden Rule
Throughout our lives, we are all taught the importance of good behavior and how being kind to others is a necessity to build strong relationships. Many times these basic rules of how to behave and act towards people are taught to us at such a young age that the significance of the proper way to conduct ourselves is basically brushed off as we grown older. I believe, however, that everyone should remember that simple phrase that we have all heard in school, church, or from our parents: “Do unto others as you would want them do unto you,” which is also called the Golden Rule.

It was a big day in my life, the first day of kindergarten; I remember walking nervously into Ms. Smith and Ms. Rhymer’s conjoined class to see a classroom full of students who all looked just as scared as me. The room was filled with cheesy motivational posters with animals and desks that are so small that I couldn’t even hope to sit in now. After finding my seat, I looked at the wall and noticed a large white and gold poster with a sentence written in huge gold letters. During our first class meeting I asked Ms. Smith what the poster said, she gave me a wide grin and told my classmates and me the sign read “Do unto others as you would want them do unto you.” Of course none of us knew what this meant, but she was quick to explain that this sentence was called the Golden Rule and is the most important rule that we would ever learn in her class.

Learning the importance of the Golden Rule was all it took for me to not only follow, but enforce like a junior police officer. Throughout my year of kindergarten, I found myself constantly telling my classmates to be nice to each other when they were not, even using pine cones or sticks to make sure my friends and classmates got the message. Even when I was at home or at a friend’s house, I implemented the Golden Rule like it was a full time job. Which, in hindsight, I see is basically true. Because of my fascination...
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