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My Life My Rules

By jessicacooley11 Nov 22, 2013 581 Words
My Life, My Rules
One day I woke up and my parents were just gone. I do not know where they went or why they did not say goodbye. Now I am all alone and have to live by my own rules. Making my own rules is very necessary because I need to set boundaries for myself in order to survive. Here are the five most important ones I have created for myself.

Rule one, must be in the house by 11. This is an important rule because if I stay out longer than that I could get lost or someone could hurt me during the night. This rule is related to my personal values because having a set time to be home helps to be organized and I think being organized makes life a lot easier. This rule will affect my life in a positive way because it will prevent bad things from happening.

Rule two, budget monthly expenses. This rule is an important rule because I need to know how much money I have and what I need and not want I want. This rule is related to my personal values because I like to be organized. This rule will affect my life in a positive way because it will help me save money and only buy what really needs to be bought.

Rule three, cut all unnecessary expenses. This rule is important because it will help save money and then I will be able to survive financially longer. This rule is related to my personal values because I always spend my money on things I do not need, but I want or impulse buys. This rule will affect my life in a positive way because I will be able to have more money to spend on things that really matter like food and supplies.

Rule four, be polite and use manners. This rule sounds stupid but if you are living in a world without parents, being rude to people is not going to get you anywhere. This rule relates to my personal values because when I hold a door for someone and they do not say thank you, I just say you are welcome loud enough so they hear so they realize I am not their slave and should acknowledge I am there and did something kind for them. This rule will affect my life in a positive way because people will realize I care when they do something nice for me.

Rule five, if you are all by yourself do not try and do something that you are unsure if you are able to do. For example do not try and lift something really heavy that would take 4 people to lift by yourself. This rule is related to my personal life because if you do not know if you can do it you should not try it without help. I have tried to do things by myself and it never ends well. This rule will affect my life in a positive way because it will prevent me from getting hurt and possibly dying.

Living by rules is important because you never know what can happen when you are by yourself. If you set yourself rules before a situation happens you will know how to react, causing less bad things to happen. Also rules help you survive longer by yourself because you will not be spending your money things you do not need. It is all about being prepared.

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