Three Rules by Which I Live

Topics: High school, College, Morality Pages: 1 (397 words) Published: May 22, 2006
Three Rules by Which I Live

There are three rules by which I live. I think that it is a good value to have rules in my life because they set boundries and they set standards. By keeping boundries, rules, and/or standards in my daily routine it helps me stay focused and out of trouble. The first rule I tend to follow is, Dont mix business with pleasure. Mixing business, such as your work life, along with your social or home life can bring lots of drama into your world. For instence, getting involved with a co-worker. That is never a good idea. It creates stress in the work environment and can lead to favoritism, which will make your collueges very cross with you. It may also lead to you losing your job.

Rule number two would be, Never give up. I have come to find out by watching a friend that you can accomplish a lot by not giving up. It took her a lot
to get where she is now. She is the first in her family to be a high school graduate, and just recently graduated out of college as a Medical Assistant. My friend (Crisanna) had many trials and tribulations going on in her life while working and attending college. She had and still has custody of her 16 year old sister and her sisters 1 yr old daughter. Crisanna is only 21. It was her job to take care of the her sister and neice, go to work, go to school, and make sure all bills were paid. Her sister got pregnant again and ended up losing the baby at full term. It made for a hard time for everyone. During all this, she stuck to it, never giving up, no matter how hard it was. She is very accomplished.

My third rule, above all be true to yourself. Know your values, and be guided in everything by your own conscience. If you are in a situation that threatens your personal moral code, act in a way that is consistent with your own principles. When you know what your values are and stay attuned to your inner voice, your behavior will be principled and your actions will be consistent with your most deeply...
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