Sociology and Social Integration. D.

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Refresher on Lecture 1 Student Name: _____________________

1. Peter Berger described using the sociological perspective as seeing the ______ in the _______.
a.good; worst tragedies; old
c.specific; general
d.general; particular

2. According to Emile Durkheim, a category of people with a higher suicide rate typically has:
a.more clinical depression.
b. less money, power, and other resources.
c.lower social integration.
d.greater self-esteem.

3. The pioneering sociologist who studied patterns of suicide in Europe was:
a.Robert K. Merton.
b.Auguste Comte.
c.Emile Durkheim.
d.Karl Marx.

4. C. Wright Mills claimed that the "sociological imagination" transformed:
a.common sense into laws of society.
b.people into supporters of the status quo.
c.personal problems into public issues.
d.scientific research into common sense.

5. _____ is a way of understanding the world based on science.
d.Free will

Refresher: CultureName:

1. The intangible world of ideas created by members of a society is referred to as:
a. high culture.
b. material culture.
c. norms.
d. nonmaterial culture.

2. The term _____ refers to a shared way of life, and the term ____ refers to a political entity.
a. culture; society
b. country; nation
c. nation; culture
d. culture; nation

3. Sociologists define a symbol as:
a. anything that carries meaning to people who share a culture.
b. any material cultural trait.
c. any gesture that conveys insult to others.
d. social patterns that cause culture shock.

4. __________ are rules about everyday, casual living; __________ are rules with great moral significance.
a. Mores; folkways
b. Folkways; mores
c. Proscriptive norms; prescriptive norms
d. Prescriptive norms; proscriptive norms

5. The fact that some married men and married women are sexually unfaithful to their spouses is an example of _____ culture, while the fact that most adults say they support the idea of sexual fidelity is an example of _____ culture.

a. high; low
b. low; high
c. ideal; real
d. real; ideal

Refresher on Lecture 3 Sociological Investigation Marks: Student Name:

1. Sociologists use the term “empirical evidence” to refer to: a.information that is based on a society’s traditions.
b.information that squares with common sense.
c.information we can verify with our senses.
d.information that most people agree is true.

2. Imagine that you were going to measure the age of a number of respondents taking part in a survey. As you record the data, you are using the concept "age" as: a.a theory.
b.a hypothesis.
c.a variable. axiom.

3. In the process of measurement, reliability refers to:
a.whether you are really measuring what you want to measure. dependable the researcher is.
c.whether or not everyone agrees with the study’s results. d.whether repeating the measurement yields consistent results.

4. An apparent, although false, association between two variables that is caused by some third variable is called: a.a spurious correlation. unproven correlation. unreliable correlation. invalid correlation.

5. The ideal of objectivity means that a researcher:
a.must not care personally about the topic being studied.
b. must try to adopt a stance of personal neutrality toward the outcome of the research. c.must study issues that have no value to society as a whole. d.must carry out research that will encourage desirable social change.

Refresher: Socialization Student Name:

1. What concept refers to the lifelong social experience by which human beings develop their potential and learn culture?
c.human nature
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