Golden Ages

Topics: Han Dynasty, Doric order, Ancient Greece Pages: 3 (806 words) Published: December 5, 2012
DBQ Golden Ages Essay

Throughout history different civilizations have experienced Golden Ages. A golden Age is signified by peace, prosperity, and technological advancements. Golden Ages have occurred in Greek, Roman, Chinese, Indian, and Byzantine civilizations. Greece under the rule of Pericles and China during the Han and Song Dynasties were important periods of history that have contributed to modern society. During the Han Dynasty, China was the most technologically advanced civilization in the world; the method of making paper out of wood pulp was invented and the basic method is still used to manufacture paper today (Doc. 4).  One advancement during the Song was the development of gunpowder in the 800s. The use of gunpowder was beneficial during wars and battles. During the Han Dynasty, trade improved, as well as agriculture. The Silk Road which extended throughout China was one of the main trade routes used to ship goods in and out. Under the Hans, Confucianism became the official belief system of China. They also setup a Civil Service Exam based on Confucianism. This exam was required to enter service in the government. The Confucian system of government was used in China for most of the last 2000 years. Han artists and architects are noted for their detailed carvings in jade, wood, or ivory, and the building of elaborate temples. The also advanced the process of silk making, which set the standard in China for centuries.They created new works of literature and music. Beautiful murals were painted on the walls of palaces. Scroll painting began. Craftsmen made jade jewelry and carvings, gold ornaments and belt hooks, delicate paintings with wire thin brush strokes. Iron was used for making plows and other cast iron objects.Han physicians developed acupuncture to alleviate pain and to treat various illnesses. They also made use of certain plants as herbal remedies. They were able to diagnose and successfully treat various illnesses...
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