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Doric Order

detailing at the principal doorways, roof cornice and porch. It is a large rectangular mass, two full stories in height, seven bays long, with projecting wings. It features a simple pitched gable roof and a two story porch on the west wing with large Doric order piers.[2] The Mallows, also known as Alida Chanler Emmet and Christopher Temple Emmet Estate, is a historic home located at Head of the Harbor in Suffolk County, New York. It is a Colonial Revival estate home designed in 1906 by noted architect...

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major spaces, which were enunciated with Doric and Ionic orders in the Academic classical manner of early 18th century France. Gradually by stage, history of British architecture in India firmly had consolidated itself in various places in the country. Triplicane, another architectural wonder in Madras, had much lighter colonnaded verandahs, which were chiselled around much of the side as well as the front. The whole complex was dominated by the illustrious Doric banqueting hall. Quite extraordinary...

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Art History through the 15th Century (Midterm Review)

pediment Caryatids are: Columns in the form of women This building was created using what architectural order? Doric The Athena Parthenos refers specifically to which aspect of Athena? virgin The acropolis refers to: the highest point of the city A three-grooved panel on a Doric frieze that alternates with metopes is called what? Triglyph A plain or decorated slab on a Doric frieze which alternates with the triglyphs is called the Metopes This temple is representative of which...

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Architecture: Classical Greek vs. Medieval Gothic

were constructed. For example the classical Greek era, 480 BCE – 330 BCE that held the ideals of order, balance, and God like perfection. This type of idealist architecture is seen in the Parthenon temple built in 447-432 BCE (Ancient-Greece.org, 2012). The temple is built in tribute for the Goddess Athena, Goddess of war and wisdom. It is a post and lintel structure with columns fashioned in Greek Doric style. There are also the beautiful cathedrals built during the Middle Ages in gothic style that...

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Architecuture Paper

the purpose to store the chryselephantine statue of Athena. The sculptor of Parthenon was Pheidias, it was designed by Iktinos and Kallikrates, the two men were architects for the project. * * The classical greek Parthenon was built with a Doric style that is simple and graceful, the same way the people of Athens represented themselves in the 4th and 5th century. In the center of the monument was a circular colonnade in the background for the gold and ivory statue of Athena Parthenos. The...

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Visual Analysis of the Parthenon

PARTHENON:  FORM & STYLE The Parthenon is widely considered to be the apotheosis of classical architecture, regarded as an enduring symbol of Greek culture, Athenian democracy and Western civilization as a whole. It is constructed in the traditional Doric order of temple design, representing logic, morality, restraint and control. The temple has a simple structure, defined by its simple, bold outline. The building is richly decorated, and when it was first constructed it would have displayed many bright...

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Pyramids vs Parthenon

proportioned to the human body as Vitruvius had viewed it (122) The Parthenon used a post and lintel design and was proportional on all sides. This complies with a classical style. The Parthenon uses the Doric order which is one of three architectural designs developed by the Greeks (123). Doric columns were simple and an image known as a frieze was pictured above. It is an image displaying victory in the Peloponnesian war. As with the structural characteristics, the purpose of each building was...

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The Parthenon

BC, it symbolized Athenian’s imperial power and it symbolizes the power and influence of the Athenian politician, Perikles, who championed its construction. The Parthenon is a Doric peripteral temple, which means that it consists of a rectangular floor plan with a series of low steps on every side, and a colonnade of Doric columns extending around the periphery of the entire structure. Each entrance has an additional six columns in front of it. The larger of the two interior rooms, the Naos, housed...

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Four Phases of Greek Art

a well preserved temple * 550-540 BCE * Was elevated with stairs stereo bate and the topmost level is known as the stylo bate * Can see the peristyle * Drums make up the shaft of the temple * Made of a capital * Was a Doric order * Was intasis swelling of the columns * Entablature is above the capital Architrave was directly above the capital would’ve originally been painted * The peak of the temple is called the pediment * Was in relief sculpture Classical...

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lesson about ignoring orders. King Darius took his army to battle the Greeks at marathon. After Athens defeated the Persians they sent a messenger to tell the good news hence how the race, Marathon, received its name. The second Persian war was due to a new king, Xeres the Great, rekindling old flames. He felt he could defeat the Athenian people. When the war broke out again, the Spartans helped the Athenians and won the war. The building mirrored the development of the Doric order; one of three classical...

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