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  • The Doric Temples Of Paestum

    Symeonoglou‚ Sarantis. 1985. “The Doric Temples of Paestum.” Journal of Aesthetic Education 19(1):49-66 Symeonoglou’s article “The Doric Temples of Paestum” aimed to shed light on the significant architectural structures and differences of Doric temples. She purports that many may find that Doric temples all resemble one another at least to a certain degree. But‚ with a trained eye one would could point out the variations and differences among these beautiful Doric temples. According to Symeonoglou

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  • Doric,Ionic, Corinthian

    three architectural orders of ancient Greece noting when and where they were used and how they reflected the changes in Greece from the Archaic through the Hellenistic Period. Ancient Greece has brought about many methods of art that we see in our everyday lives. Many artists today even try to mimic artists in ancient Greece‚ but often fail to do so. One of the most important aspects to come out of Greek art is the architecture‚ most notable the three architectural orders of ancient Greece

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  • Doric vs. Ionic Architecture

    marble and limestone‚ retained the post-and-lintel construction of the wooden originals. The temples had painted decorations and low-pitched wooden roofs. Columns had ornamental capitals—the top of the column—in one of three designs. The simplest‚ Doric‚ consisted of columns with plain molded capitals and no base. Ionic capitals were decorated with a pair of scrolls‚ known as volutes. Corinthian capitals‚ the most ornate‚ were decorated with an inverted bell-shaped arrangement of leaves. Prime examples

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  • Greek And Roman Architecture Essay

    civilian buildings and religious temples. The Romans also borrowed from the Etruscan arch design to create the dome. Doric column Parthenon in Athens‚ Greece‚ was built in the fifth century BC as a temple to Athena‚ goddess of wisdom‚ and is one of the most famous examples of Greek Doric style. A Doric column is wide with parallel vertical grooves and a plain stone top. The Greeks used the Doric style mainly on the mainland

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  • Four Phases of Greek Art

    4 Phases of Greek Art * Geometric 900-600 B.C.E * Archaic 600-480 B.C.E * Classical 980-323 B.C.E * Hellenistic 323-31 * Large funerary Vase * Known as Diphlon Vase or Krator * From the geometric era * Made from busted clay * Ceramics were used for storage * It also showed a lot of culture with images * The Greek buried their dead & practiced cremations Bronze Man & Centaur * Human body mixed with a horse like figure * Centaur from lefkand

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  • Greek Architecture in Egypt

    masses of stones; in placing the lights and shades‚ and in producing an effect of symmetry and balance‚ the architect is doing much the same things that a painter does in composing his pictures. As to proportion‚ we may say‚ in a general way‚ that Doric temples were twice as long as they were wide‚ and once and a half as high as they were wide. The column was about six times its diameter in height‚ while the capital was one-half one diameter in height. CLIMATIC INFLUENCES:- To make further comparison

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  • Greek Art(Sculpture, Vessels)

    Greek Art No matter how accomplished they might be‚ the works of art we have discussed so far seem alien to us. The ancient cultures that produced them were so different from our own that we find few references in those works to our time. Greek architecture‚ sculpture‚ and painting‚ however‚ are immediately recognizable as the ancestors of Western civilization‚ despite their debts to earlier art. A Greek temple reminds us of countless government buildings‚ banks‚ and college campuses; a Greek statue

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  • The Parthenon: The Whole Purpose Of The Pantheon

    This is a tough subject to write about being that not much is actually known about the original use of the Pantheon‚ due to the fact that it was destroyed and the current structure is a rebuild. However‚ when we consider some of the basic differences between the cultures‚ some possibilities do come to light. Let us start with a little about the Parthenon. This structure was built by "the Athenian Empire... at the height of it’s power" ("Parthenon"‚ 2015). This is more than just a fun fact descriptive

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  • Art History through the 15th Century (Midterm Review)

    Palette of King Narmer is an example of twisted perspective. This monument is found near which of the following? Nile River Megalith refers to the large stones used in the creation of Stonehenge. Venus of Willendorf may have symbolized fertility. This image is representative of which stylistic period? Egyptian Lascaux Cave Paintings is an example of sympathetic magic. These paintings are representative of which period? Paleolithic Statuettes of Worshippers were

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  • Architecture: Classical Greek vs. Medieval Gothic

    were constructed. For example the classical Greek era‚ 480 BCE – 330 BCE that held the ideals of order‚ balance‚ and God like perfection. This type of idealist architecture is seen in the Parthenon temple built in 447-432 BCE (Ancient-Greece.org‚ 2012). The temple is built in tribute for the Goddess Athena‚ Goddess of war and wisdom. It is a post and lintel structure with columns fashioned in Greek Doric style. There are also the beautiful cathedrals built during the Middle Ages in gothic style that

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