God in Modern Society Religion Essay

Topics: Religion, Pope John Paul II, Christianity Pages: 4 (1437 words) Published: April 24, 2013
God In Modern Society Religion Essay

The historical and social living conditions of Christianity changed rapidly and dramatically in the 20th and 21st century compared to past centuries. Until the French revolution which occurred during 1789–1799 and the enlightenment, religion and worshiping was unbreakable, very common and natural. The Church and churches were the actuators of the society and institutions. They provided education, health and social care, furthermore they controlled politics. Christianity has also permeated public life and culture throughout the European continent.

The first significant changes occurred during the enlightenment and French revolution which were weakening the Christian and Protestant communities. In the same decades the Christian principles and ideals changed to a more rational, positivist and atheist way of thinking as these ideas had a different interpretation of the world and human beings. A strong system evolved which was barely driven by faith but economy, law, politics, culture and science. These factors gained autonomy from which no church was exceptional. Churches included the Anglican, Catholic or Orthodox Church; which were all part of the process called secularization.

To fully understand the topic we first need to ask ourselves? Who is God? What is God?
Asking this question from a whole variety of people we will all get different answers. I started pursuing this question and I realized that the answers all depends whose world of view am I going to use. Some of the people I asked say that “God is what you make inside of you’; others imagine God as the old guy with long beard and big white robe. Many claim that “God is omnipresent and omnipotent that dwells within man”. “God is the creator of the universe and he is the one that was before everything and will be the one at the end”. “He is beyond my understanding”. 30% of the people I asked said that they don’t believe in anything. “My power is myself”-as one...
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