God and Juniors Association President

Topics: God, Accept, Student Pages: 2 (517 words) Published: August 6, 2013
To our distinguished guests, guest of honor, the school administrator spearheaded by an ever glamorous, beauteous and considerate principal 3, Mrs. Eden R. Mayo, ma’am. Our brilliant and multitalented mentors, our ever flexible, lovable and intelligent advisers, ever dearest parents, visitors, juniors and seniors, friends, ladies and gentlemen, good evening/good afternoon. Being the juniors’ association president, it is my great honor and privilege, to represent the integral of juniors, to accept this key, symbolizing the responsibilities of becoming a senior student. It is indeed a great honor in my part to speak in front of this crowd, to express my anxieties, my uncertainties or even my reluctances in accepting this key of responsibility. To become a senior is not just an easy game to play but rather a hard task to perform, thinking of how to become a model, and to be a leader to our younger brethren, to be an example in good deeds and a right ways and to be imitated. To my fellow juniors, are you ready for these things? To you seniors, through your president Mr. Darell Jay Balbin, we cannot assure you that we will exactly imitate everything you’ve shown to us, but rather to do our best and capabilities in order to perform this duties and responsibilities delegated to senior students. To you seniors, as we now know that you are about to leave the portal of this beloved Alma mater, we will assure you, whatever legacies you leave to us will remain as one among our precious souvenirs that once you are our big brothers and sisters, our leaders and our best friends. Thank you for being with us and model to us. Congratulations to the job well done and good luck next ladder of life waiting for you in the near future to come. To our dearest mentors and advisers, our madams and sirs, may we appeal to you with your at most precious talents, skills and wisdoms to share with us in order to be guided us, to armor us the right skills and disciplines in confronting this...
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