How to Be Successful in Life!

Topics: Meaning of life, Failure, Success Pages: 4 (899 words) Published: September 13, 2011
Public Speaking

Thank you to the chairperson.

A very pleasant day to the adjudicators, teachers and my fellow friends,

You have obtained 8 As in your PMR!
Ever heard of such greeting?
May be some will say yes, but many will say never!
In short not many of us are born not so successful
That is what we think!
So how do you measure successful?
Is the numbers of A’s you obtain in your exams show that u are a successful person?

Before I proceed
Please lend me your ears.
Spare me your time and allow me to share with all of you the secret of being successful

Do you want to be successful?
I mean successful in life?

Ladies and gentlemen,

“Successful in life”

That will be my topic for today.

First of all, let me define this phrase ‘successful in life’. Does it mean that we must be rich , have a high- pay job, driving big car and staying in big mansion?

Many people tend to think that only a person who has talents or a person who has good education will become successful in life.

On the contrary, research has shown that a person’s success depends largely on his attitude, enthusiasm and commitment.

Each of us is born with a different type of talent. Many people do not succeed in life because they do not have a positive attitude.

Of course some material wealth is important but to be considered successful in life means one is happy, healthy and able to do what one wants and is looked up to by family and friends.

So, how does one reach the stage of being considered successful in life? First of all, to be successful you must be focused and know yourself. Examine what you enjoy doing most, the talents or skills you have and work hard at whatever is meaning to you. In a simple word, you must have a positive attitude.

As you know, life is full of challenges. Only a person with a positive attitude can cope with these challenges and move forward in life. We all have problems and it is how we react...
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