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Topics: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Positive psychology, Happiness Pages: 2 (652 words) Published: January 13, 2013
Think of someone rich and famous. Are they happy? Are they confident? Enthusiastic? The epitome of a successful man? Or, are they stressed, angry, having second thoughts about their future and unsure of the meaning in their life? In most cases, the second explanation holds true. Society has painted a picture and completely brainwashed our generation of the true meaning of success. People willingly accept false and potentially dangerous definitions of success. Promoters wish for us to believe that things such as being a millionaire, living in a big house, driving nice cars, and wearing the latest clothes is the key to happiness, therefore, success. Being successful means being happy, trustworthy, and appreciated. A truly successful man has integrity, respect, confidence, and never-ending patience. He is strong when toughness is required, and patient when understanding is needed.

Marketers constantly push for us to believe that living a self-centered life will bring us success and everything essential to living a happy life. Sadly, life requires nothing but the opposite. Although money does make life easier, it certainly does not make it any better. In most cases the opposite is true. Money can be compared to a pop star’s latest hit; it is great for a while and can keep us entertained. After a short period of time, though, it becomes terribly old and we find ourselves searching for a new way to sustain happiness. It is believed by many that money makes a man intelligent and wise. Contradicting this, dedicated study and hard work are mandatory to be successfully wise. Society also loves to portray marriage made easy through the possession of money. We all have learned from our grandparents the only way to a successful marriage is unconditional love, trust, and support for our significant other.

Equivalently, popularity and fame are rarely compatible with success. Repetitive advertisements have altered the accepted definition into a shame-filled definition....
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