Annual Prize Distribution

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Annual prize distribution | | | |The program is about to commence. We need no musical interlude. Therefore you are requested to switch off your mobile phones. | | | |Parents are requested not to come up to the stage to click photographs. | |Arrangements for a professional photographer are in place, and a recorded copy of the entire program will be available at a nominal charge. | | | |Eatables are not allowed inside the auditorium. Please refrain from eating and drinking here. | | | |Thank you. |

Honorable Chief Guest ___________________, our guest of honor ________________, Director Rev. Fr. Carvalho, Fr.Bento, Principal Sr.Divya, Vice Principal Ma’am Mukti, esteemed parents, dear teachers and friends

A pleasant evening to all of you.

I extend a warm welcome to ______________________

We welcome you Sir. The demitting Head Girl Annu Clara, will present a bouquet to the Chief Guest.

We are delighted to have in our midst ______________________.

We extend a warm welcome to you Sir. The demitting Head Boy Arul Ashok, will welcome Mr.___________ with a bouquet.

We warmly welcome our Director Rev.Fr.J.A.Carvalho- a man who works tirelessly with remarkable imagination, insight and boldness to give to his students nothing but the best.

We welcome you Father. Ridhima Bector, the newly inducted Head Girl, will present a bouquet to Fr.

Identify the essential and eliminate the rest – that seems to be the motto of our dear Fr. Bento who inspires all with his very calm and composed demeanor. We extend a hearty welcome to Rev.Fr.Bento.

The demitting Home Minister _____________ , will welcome Fr. With a bouquet.

We welcome our Principal, Sr.Divya, who inspires us to take on life’s challenges with her calm and composed demeanor. The head boy , Soura Das Gupta, will present a bouquet to Sister.

Light symbolizes knowledge. Knowledge is the everlasting wealth that is capable of removing ignorance just as light has power to dispels darkness.

May I now request our Chief Guest _________________, our Director Fr, Carvalho, Fr. Bento, Fr. Cidloy, our guest of honour ___________ and our Principal Sr. Divya to please come forward and light the lamp.

As the lamp is being lit the Hindi Choir will render the prayer song Agyan ke andheron se hume gyan ke ujalon ki aur le chalo

I now request Fr.Carvalho to present the Annual Report….

Thank you Father.

Change is progress, change is innovation and change- for those who dare to bring about a difference- is power. So why does Gen X speed ahead enveloped by hidden fears, harbouring stifled acrimony in its heart about the multitude of injustice all around? Why does Gen X camouflage its own unique identity? We all have a choice. Do we want to live with our fear, surrender and bemoan? Or do we want to make a difference? Shed the camouflage and embrace the change! Make your lives a microcosm of what you want the world to be. Celebrate the power you have, realise your potential and...
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