Topics: Marketing, Ethics, Culture Pages: 4 (1549 words) Published: October 17, 2008
In week five we learn about the importance of globalization and how it can help your company’s profits grow. There are many things to look at when selling globally as different cultures need to be looked at differently when making a marketing strategy. If you understand how to market your products to different cultures in different countries you can take advantage of the profits that can be made through globalization.

As a marketer you need to be aware of the social norms of what is and is not accepted in different cultures. It would not be wise to think that the same T.V. ad used in America would be ok to use in India. When you understand what different cultures value you can use it toward your advantage when marketing. The Whirlpool ad used in India took fourteen months of research to find that the Indian homemakers prize hygiene and purity. Once they realized this they came up with a T.V. ad that shows a girl standing out from the crowd in white “thanks to whirlpool”. When you create an advertising campaign that really makes people not hesitate about whether or not to by your product, you have put yourself in a really good position to succeed. Marketing mix adaptation is necessary when selling in other countries. People who live in India are mainly Hindu and don’t believe in eating meat. Companies like McDonalds get around this by offering chicken, fish, and vegetable burgers.

Sears uses globalization to not only sell its products but to receive them as well. As you know, most of the products that are sold at Sears are made in other countries. There are garage door motors that are made in Mexico and clothing made in Asia. This shows you just how much we rely on globalization. There is not much thought about how a product got to you when you go to your local Sears and make a purchase. Many of the Sears brands like Craftsman and Kenmore are built in many different countries. Sears does not just sell in the US it has stores in Canada, Mexico, and...
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