Case Study: Problems at Perrier

Topics: Management, Change management Pages: 4 (1045 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Problems at Perrier
Nancy Wilcox
Strayer University
HRM 560
Professor Vanessa Graham
February 17, 2013

Problems at Perrie

This process of digitization accelerated the trend toward larger-scale commoditization, as goods that had once been considered luxuries became so cheap to make that they became available at mass market prices by leveraging digitized design, manufacturing, and distribution systems. This new computer-driven world of manufacturing and distribution became essential to the success. Digitization also impacts all aspects of the arts, entertainment, business, and society, and it’s crucial to how products are designed, manufactured, and distributed. It’s essential to how consumers gather and share information, and how they get entertainment, and to how companies manage their finances and operations. It’s even a basic resource for farmers, who plow and fertilize their fields according to what they learn from satellites, and it also tells them how, where, and for how much they can sell their produce. Globalization has drawn every nation into a single economic system, and through social media, many of us are now participating in a mediated social system as well. As a result, every company’s strategy must address a globalized market in which increasing numbers of people are participating in social and business communities that transcend national boundaries. The power and impact of globalization means that it’s essential for every company to understand the current and future impacts of worldwide trends on operations, to develop a globalization strategy to optimize learning opportunities through exposure to various markets around the world, and perhaps also to extend its reach to new customers. As customer communities are also global, no large company can hope operate successfully without addressing global markets. And finally social mediaization throughout society. Digital technology becomes progressively more significant as it’s...

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