Global Communication

Topics: Globalization, Telecommunication, Ethics Pages: 7 (1723 words) Published: September 25, 2006
Problem Solution: Global Communications Corporation
This paper begins with an introduction to Global Communications Corporation and

problems that they are facing. After analyzing the problems, offering several alternative

solutions, the paper recommends that Global Communications conduct a full analysis into their

merging capacities with like kind companies, and their expansion capacities to create more

profits in the telecommunications market.
This paper examines Global Communications problem within the context of capability of Problem-Based solutions, explores how Global Communications is encountering problems with tremendous economic pressure due to high competition and discusses developing this problem as an opportunity, following the appropriate guidelines and analysis of some possible problem or opportunity statements. This paper also illustrated the best opportunities by defining Global Communications End-State goals, explores benchmarking of the most desirable opportunities, discusses narrowing the best alternatives, and working through the process created by the 9-Step Problem-Solving Model. The paper outlines the steps to be taken in discerning a specific problem in Global Communications in providing direction for the business to achieve its goals and objectives.

Situation Background (Step 1) The strategic analysis is the first step in shaping the problem of a company and determining the potential opportunities and risk facing an organization. With changing times, is there any possibility

to stick to old ways of reaching solutions and still come up with something workable? Edward De Bono believes this is no longer possible or even desirable. Managers can gain more respect and admiration by coming up with creative solutions to their problems. So instead of sticking to old trite ways of Problem- Solving , they must seek new approaches and strategies. (Daisy Hickman, 1995) The nature of telecommunication has changed in the wake of globalization. The telecommunication organization that both survives and thrives in this evolving environment will be the one who hones its capabilities, builds upon these capabilities and applies these capabilities in the satisfaction of customers. Competition in a business is a major factor to consider. The object is to stay ahead of the rival companies. Being competitive with other organizations means how effectively a company meets the wants and needs of customer relative to other companies that offer the same or similar goods or services. When competing against other companies, the objective is to outsmart the organization's opponents so they can sell more products or services. When a company is "on top" or strategically ahead of the competition, their profits will be more than their competitors, they will have more business, and that is more likely to get a job with that company because they will always want to expand. Global Communications is a telecommunication firm. Global Communications' strength

in its own market has recently been questioned as competition comes to its market. The

explosive growth of telecommunications and high local, long-distance and international market

competition at the same business has put the company under economic pressure. Global

Communications needs to come up with a plan considering financial and non-financial aspects of

the problem. Success in both aspects depends on an ability to objectively identify and analyze the

Issue Identification
The reality is though, that the current environment is very competitive and is likely to only increase in competitiveness. There is a need then for Global Communications to reassess its position and use its assets to move in...
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