Gap Analysis: Global Communications

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Gap Analysis: Global Communications Running head: GAP ANALYSIS: GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS


Gap Analysis: Global Communications

Gap Analysis: Global Communications Gap Analysis: Global Communications We will be looking into a localized company called Global Communications and see what the global markets did in bring this company from a position of confidence as a local


telecommunication company to one that lost half its value. We will view the steps that they took to begin to play on the world stage in telecommunications. The company mangers, stockholders, and union employees along with two other countries will mount not only a comeback but take on the world market place. The values and business principles reveal the players and their place in the rebuilding of Global Communications. The issues, opportunities, specific course concepts and then concepts will be broken down and revealed for further understanding. We will look at the perspective stakeholder groups and their interests, rights, and values of each group. Then we will formulate an end stated goals that will help in understanding what the outcome will be.

Gap Analysis: Global Communications Situation Analysis Issue and Opportunity Identification


Global Communication was caught up in the shaky confidence of the telecommunications industry. Company shares dropped from a 3-year high of $28 per share to a stock value of $11 today. The stockholders did not see any rebounding in the short run for Global Communications. The competition was tremendous due the overwhelming influence of the cable companies as they provided more services including new calling features, local and long distance telephone, providing complete services for internet and computer connections. Global was not ahead of the curve since they dealt with the local telemarketing side only.

Gap Analysis: Global Communications Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical Dilemmas There are three stakeholder perspectives to examine in this Gap Analysis. The first are the stockholders of Global Communications. These stockholders are people from many backgrounds like blue-collar worker to the professional investor that are looking to place their finances in a good quality company in hopes of getting a great return on their investment. They hold the door of opportunity open for Global to raise income to expand their


business influence. The stockholders are looking for full disclosure so they can have confidence in the leadership of the company. Company integrity is a value high on their list to invest in. The second stakeholder is the business managers who will be in full control of the daily workings of the business. They will set the business plan and be in contact on a regular basis with the board of trustees to keep them apprised of the ins and outs of Global Communications. Their main value is the responsibility and accountability that they receive for their work efforts. They know their parameters that they need to work in and hope to have the freedom to use their talents to make the company work on all cylinders. Lastly, the unions and their workers are motivated to do a job well done. What are highly important to them are the benefits and wages that are negotiated every couple of years. The union leaders work on behalf of its membership to get the best possible contract at that time. They value safety in the workplace and train each member to be the most effective worker for the Global Communications Company. Job security is one area that the union and its members desire above all. The knowledge that they have a secure job brings joy to the work place and at home (Kreitner, R., & Kinicki, A. (2004).

Gap Analysis: Global Communications End-State Vision “Global Communications inspires people and businesses to connect to the world”


Gap Analysis: Global Communications Gap Analysis The gap facing Global Communications starts from the collapse of the telecommunication...
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