Gap Analysis Paper

Topics: InfoTrac, Management, United States Pages: 3 (895 words) Published: February 19, 2007
Gap Analysis: Global Communications
Karen Thomas
Stratford University

Global Communication is an industry that can be a risk that managers face array of challenges when their companies embracing foreign ventures (Ives, Jarvenpaa, Mason, 1993). Global Communication can have several challenges that a company can face. Challenges can include layoffs, cost-cutting, competition with marketing revenues and language barriers. The language problem will probably hit during the first call overseas, if customers are lucky the receptionist will speak English (Small, 1996). Global Communication is an industry that is growing fast and beginning to have an effect on many jobs in different types of companies. Global Communication is starting to incorporate different telecommunication tools into one program that will be helpful to the consumer. This has been causing a major shift for competitors and job security for the employees, allowing for jobs to be recreated in other countries and develop a loss of jobs in the United States. When a company considers moving some of its production to a foreign country it can cause disruption with the current employees. Although this will be a good strategic move for the business, it can cause some individuals hardship and hopelessness for their future. Some businesses believe that globalization is no longer an objective but an imperative (Ives, Jarvenpaa, Mason, 1993). Companies should make an attempt to consider all the aspects before moving a department to another country. The management can make some attempt to negotations with the current employees about job offers in another country or in another position within the corporation. Telecommunication is a wide range of products that are starting to increase across the country with cheaper labor for the same productivity in the United States. The high increase in telecommunication has cause for stocks to decrease because of the competition with other organization....
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