Global Citizenship

Topics: Human rights, UNESCO, European Union Pages: 5 (1951 words) Published: October 5, 2010
In recent years, the rights and duties of global citizenship have been by many parties including inside and outside universities. Eade and O’Byrne (2005, 17) say “After human have been independent, their live become more flexible and colorful because people can do everything that they prefer to do, so that mankind more enjoyable with their lifestyle and need to protect their rights”. Some people misunderstand the rights and duties of global citizenship because they lack education about them “Improving the education of democracy is helping people to know their rights” (Heater 2004, 77). The definition of global citizenship is hard to explain because the meaning is so wide and, therefore, difficult to define in a short way. Keeping and Shapiro (2008, 2) describe a meaning of global citizenship as “Global citizenship involves human to have a part in determination in regard to their lives such as the environmental, social and educational”. This report describes the three main factors that relate to global citizenship including human rights, culture, and peace. It also provides possible solutions concerning global citizenship from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Amnesty International USA (2010) views the definition of human rights as follows “Human rights are general rights and independence that people are permitted to irrespectively of nationality, religion, language and competition. It also provides citizen and political rights including the right of liberty, social and culture”. At present, people live in a globalized world so they have more rights and duties than in the past. For example, in Ancient Greece people from many neighboring countries became slaves because the Greek did not care about the rights of others nationalities. However, the present concept of global citizenship converts the opinion of civil to consider people from other countries because people do not live in one country alone, but in the world as a whole. Rabet (2009, 464) says: “In some area, government has agreement between countries to decrease barrier as tax and quota that location is called Free Trade Area”. As Rabet said, FTA improves the rights of human because it develops the relationship between people in each country that have the agreement. For example, “European Union (EU) earns many benefits to member such as peace, decreasing barrier and political” (Garcia, Clayton and Hobley 2004, 294). The EU reduces the negative idea between different European people because it links the economic and political sectors together. As a result, Europeans feels like they are the same country because everyone can travel and work in other countries inside the EU without barriers. That situation pushes people into global citizenship.

Global culture is the second concept of global citizenship that is influenced by current trends and lifestyles. Because of technology, communications and transportation are more comfortable than in the past, so people receive information about other cultures easily. As a result, many people change their behavior to follow the recent trends because they want to receive a new thing. “Global culture moves to optimistic trends because the human conditions and varieties of culture” (Brecher, Brown and Cutler 1993, 43). For example, some people travel to foreign countries, speak English and eat international food, that people experience a global culture of cuisine, experience and language. In addition, an international student could be the way of global culture because when an international student goes abroad to study, they bring the traditions of their culture to other countries. After that, the culture is absorbed by their friends and other people who have relationship with them. For instance, in this case, the report will provide an example of a couple of international students in Australia. Jenny is a Thai international student who came to study in Australia and now has a Korean...
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