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Background of the Study
The Bgry.177, Sona 15, Purok IV was established since 1989, 20 years in services. But in 1992, they experienced a fire accident that burned all over the place. After the incident, they immediately renovate the Barangay Hall and started a new beginning. Hon. Donata De Gana - Jarito, the previous Brgy. Chairman have been re-elected from the last 2010 election. The said barangay is located at Saguitarius St., Ma. Luisa Subd., Cielito Homes, Camarin, Caloocan City. The total number of their population is more or less 120,000 as of 2008. The Area Clustered/Sitio is divided into 10 major areas. Brgy. 177 envisions itself to be the center of leadership in the community, the primary social, political and economical organization working for the attainment of a peaceful, clean and prosperous community. They provide quality service for the various needs of the community in order to enhance and develop the quality of life of the people. The important persons involved in the barangay are headed by the Brgy. Chairman who exercises the executive and legislative power in the community. Together with the Brgy. Council, they create and implement projects for the improvement of the community. Moreover, the most important is the barangay constituents because they comprises the community. Statement of the Problem

One of the problem in the barangay is about being time consuming on finding and filing cases caused by unorganized report documents. They can’t also monitor the process undergoing between cases on what result would be given. Another problem is about lack in capability to disseminate important case judgement when needed in releasing Brgy. Clearances. Objectives

* To be able to exercise our knowledge and skills in analyzing problems. Specific:
* To be able to create a feasible system appropriate for the needs of the barangay. Scope and Limitation
The proponents’ scope begins when a complainant accused and blottered...
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