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Elective- Human Resources Management As an HRD Manager what steps you will initiate before dismissing a workman found guilty of misconduct where there is the presence of a strong employees union. Dear Trupti,You have mentioned in your discussion that the Workman has been found guilty of misconduct. What does this mean - whether the inquiry has been conducted and the report has been submitted by the Inquiry Officer, or the evidence are very strong and on that basis it has been construed that the alleged employee is guilty.If in the Inquiry Report, the charges of misconduct have been proved, nothing doing, just obtain approval of Competent Disciplinary Authority regarding dismissal of the guilty workman, no matter how strong labour union exists. Because, if you take a lenient view with this case, the instances of recurrence will increase and the system will be the sole responsible identity for such lapses.If inquiry has not been conducted, and inference is based on evidences, then better take following steps before coming to any conclusion so as to defend your action before any Court or legal entity.1) Obtain a complaint in writing of misconduct. It would be better if the complaint is supported by some witness(es) or material evidence.2) After obtaining a complaint, frame a Chargesheet cautiously as per the Certified Standing Orders of the Company or Model Standing Orders, as deemed fit and applicable to your Company. Issue the Chargesheet giving 3 days time from the receipt of C/Sheet for submitting explanation in his defense by the employee.3) If the explanation is not satisfactory, issue a letter to accused workman(AW) that the explanation is not satisfactory and there is scope of further investigation which will be done by the Inquiry Officer, so appointed by the Disciplinary Authority(DA).4) Obtain approval for appointing Inquiry Officer(IO) and Management Representative(MR).5) Issue order for appointment of IO MR advising them to conduct fair and impartial inquiry and submit report at the earliest, with a copy to AW. AW will be allowed to seek help of a Co-Worker(CW) during inquiry proceedings of his choice, if he so desires for which he shall make a request in writing to the IO. Such CW will be released from work place on the date and time inquiry is scheduled to be held.6) Now the inquiry begins, after completion of inquiry, findings and brief report upon which the findings have been arrived at will be submitted by the IO to DA.7) Based on the findings of IO and gravity of misconduct, DA shall order for imposing penalty/punishment for which Order will be issued under the Signature of DA with a copy to AW, MR, CW, Administration Deptt., Finance Deptt., Head of Deptt. in which workman works and any other relevant authority/person/department.If you follow the above procedure, no Court can challenge your action, provided the inquiry has been held impartially and punishment / penalty is in line with the misconduct, without any personal bias. attribution HYPERLINK http// l ixzz3Hn7qSb14 http// Human Resources ManagementAs an HRD Manager what steps you will initiate before dismissing a workman found guilty of misconduct where there is the presence of a strong employees union.Union or no union, any employee at any level within an organization, should not be spared for misconduct and appropriate action should be taken as per the organizations policies and principles. Having said that the employee in question should be given ample scope, support and assistance to defend his or her case.Upon knowledge of such incidence with a worker, the HRD manager,1. Check with the file of the worker, the details of such as the date of association and other relevant information. 2. He has to check whether its a case of habitual misconduct or a gross misconduct. 3. In...
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